Wednesday, April 6

30 Days - April 6 ~ reminds me of a place

Day 6 ~ reminds me of a place:

"Maria, Maria"

Maria Maria

This is another song that makes me smile, remembering a trip I took to San Diego with Ardeo and another couple of friends. April 2000 - the 4 of us had been hanging out together, shooting pool at a bar near the airport more often than anything. We decided that we'd like to take a trip, since it was April and it was chilly outside still. We settled on southern California, then the San Diego Zoo, and planned the trip out from there. My mom kept Mister Twister for me and we set off. We rented a car since we'd be there for 4 days (I think it was?), and every.single.time. we went *anywhere* - this song seemed to be playing in the car. By the second day of the trip, it became "The Joke"; JD was sooo sick of hearing it by the time we got back home, he turned it off any time he heard the beginning notes! My girl Ski and I still liked the song, and I think we teased him with it for a while afterward. Even a few days ago on Facebook, I posted this link to his wall with a giggle.... well, *I* giggled!! :D
Ahh, memories.... I have some of the pics on my computer, so I'll upload them later. Here's one quickie - me, JD and Ski in Tijuana (Ardeo took the pic):

... I'll just let you draw your own conclusions about what was going on there. ;)


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