Saturday, January 31

Happy Caturday!!

I love :D
Also, I love Caturday, thanks to Fark. And my BIL, B.

First, there's this article that brought on the cat pictures today. That guy? He's awesome. Wish I could do something as cool!

So on to today's favorites, most of which made me snort! Today I'll start with what I'd imagine Mom's Yorkie thinks every time Bro and I show up with all the kids in tow...


Seriously, you'll think of that picture every time we all show up now. :D

This one reminds me of Bro, but really, haven't we all had a moment like this?:


Now pay attention to the faces as well as the captions...



This last one just made me laugh until I cried. I haven't even shown the kids yet, because I don't know that I could read it to Miss Hurricane without laughing.

You remember "George of the Jungle"?

Start singing the theme song...














OMG look at the cat's face!! ROFL

I hope you've all enjoyed this edition of Caturday. Have a great week. And when you need a laugh, just think of 'George' above. :D

Thursday, January 29

Ice Storm, 2009 Edition

The kids have been off school all week, won't be gong back until Monday at the earliest. Really, it's been nice to have an 'extra' vacation... but they can seriously go back to school now. Mama would like her sanity break, thanks. :-)
Monday we didn't have a lot of snow or ice, but it was cold enough that school was canceled. We live in the city - not a district that normally cancels school - there are a lot of kids who walk to school since they're close to home. (Our elementary is only 1/2 mile away, we walk whenever we can.) Monday night and Tuesday we had freezing rain and sleet, and some places and homes lost power. Even Poseidon only went into work for a few hours because the word from higher-ups was to close early. Black ice everywhere, media saying to stay inside unless you absolutely had to go out, the city's emergency services were called out 155 times in less than 12 hours - it was just nasty.
Yesterday I finally went and took some pictures. It was looking very much like the ice storm we had here in 2003, when I was pregnant with Miss Hurricane. We lost power that year but have been lucky this time (in a different house). We're both kind of surprised that we haven't lost power though...

here's our backyard. That's a Dogwood branch laying on the electric and phone lines:

Close up, you can see the Boy's swing:

For fun, I took a picture of our garbage can. Should have stuck a ruler in it, but it's almost 2 inches of snow. I found out today that it was on top of almost an inch of ice:

Our neighbour across the street lost a few big branches. We heard the biggest one fall, and were thankful that his car wasn't parked in its usual spot - right where it fell:

So, since we've been inside all week, the kids (mainly Boy) have been playing Rock Band. We have a new little headbanger in our house :D

I am so ready for the thaw. Which isn't expected for at least a few more days. Enough with the snow, bring on the sand . . . .

I took advantage of being stuck inside and cleaned out some of my fabric stash. I'm trying to cut myself back to fabric I'll actually use. I have taken one box and cut it in half so far, and I have about 3 to go. I did find the floor of my closet! That counts as progress you know :-) Once I get through all the fabric, I already see an ugly blanket forming. Okay, not so much "ugly" as "incredibly mismatched". Hey, as long as it's warm, that's all that matters, right? Right.

That's all for now - I hear the dryer beeping at me and have a few more loads to finish (again - is it ever done?). I've already laid out salmon steaks for dinner and will need to start the rice soon. Have a great week :-)


Friday, January 9

S.M.R.T. I am smrt.

ROFL - how's that for a post title?!
I say it, though, because I've been the one messing around with my computer, and have figured a lot of it out on my own. In the past I've relied on Poseidon for this kind of stuff (and he's good at it) but I wanted to quit bugging him :-) So, I got some pics from the holiday break uploaded, and here are a few favorites:

She did this puzzle by herself, he just wanted to be in the picture and look goofy with her.

They also found some instructions online for making an 8-Bit Lego Mario. I thought they did a great job!

Pre-destruction picture.

The rotten little girl child wanted to write "To: Daddy" on his present. Only she said it's spelled as above. LOL (he loved it)

PawPaw (my FIL) made this awesome rocking horse for our littlest niece. All the kids can individually fit on it, but he engraved her name on the underbelly. He's so awesome with woodworking!

Bro helping his girls with their presents, at Mom's house when we got there (12/28) for the week.

Oh, and this is the best one!

Don't look yet - see, Bro has three daughters. Aged almost 6, just 5, and just 2. The baby is already trying to copy her big sisters and everyone else around her.

She sees them put their socks on without help...

So she thought she'd give it a try too:

The look on her face is classic too. I love this picture!! She was so proud of what she did, you can tell it!

And with that, I have to jump off the computer for today. Just wanted to share some pictures with you all ~ I hope you've enjoyed them! (I do have a ton more but these are just some highlights.) Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 7

It's a new year again!

I hope everyone had a great holiday (and hopefully a break from work/school!)! Can you believe it's time to start over again?? As I get older every year seems to pass more quickly than the last. So let's get it started! :-)

Since I need to spend less time at the computer, here's the post I made yesterday to my CafeMom Journal. That will explain a lot for now! If you also take the time to read my main page there, scroll down to near the bottom. There's an issue I'd like everyone to take time to read and vote for it. With many of you family members reading (especially you seamstresses!) I think you'll appreciate hearing about it and voting to save any and everything you make for all the little ones in our family. Here's a quick link:

So if you've already read about the hard drive failure I had, you'll understand why I can't post pics today. Believe me, I'm working on getting this baby back up and running as fast as I can! I'm also still cleaning up and putting away everything from our week-long visit to Mom's. There seems to be *so much* to get back in order! But it is coming along, and we didn't gain a lot of extra clutter over Christmas.
Today I have to call everyone's doctors and see what, if anything, needs to be taken care of early in the year. I know Poseidon needs to go to the doctor ASAP, but he's been sick anyway. I need to see my Gyno by Spring Break. Pretty sure the kids just need to see the dentist - well, we all do, really.
The other night I finally got around to changing my Gamertag on the XBox. If you don't know, a Gamertag is an alias for the video game system. Anyway I'm trying to change all my online identities to "Amphitrite" - the forums I read and stuff like that. Well that was already taken on the XBox so I had to spell it "Amphitryte" but it's still me. And I didn't lose any points that I'd gained under the old Gamertag! I'd have to make a new CafeMom page so that's the only one I'm leaving alone. All in the name of uniformity though, you know. :-)

It's almost 10:30 already so I'm going to wrap this up. I need to exercise, shower, and get to the store before noon. Plenty of time! Have a great week and I'll post again soon - this blog is almost one year old!!