Thursday, April 21

30 Days - April 21 ~ when I'm happy

For the 30 days of music:

Day 21 ~ when I'm happy:

"Rock Lobster"


I really can't explain this one. I dig The B-52s, and have ever since "Love Shack" became hugely popular. Love that song too! Today, I learned that they've been together since 1976 and hail from Athens, GA.... I know people who live in Athens today! That might not mean much to anyone else, but I thought 'hey, how about that!' when I read it (here on Wikipedia).
Anyway, I can tell you that the beginning bars are all it takes to make me smile. I've actually happened upon it first thing in the morning: one day after putting Miss Hurricane on the bus, I had plans to go for a walk and had my iPod with me. As her bus pulled away, I started looking for 'what am I going to listen to today?' and came upon my 'Walking' playlist. Wanting to mix it up a bit, I hit shuffle; the first song to play was "Rock Lobster"! And of course, I cracked up near the end when all the "fish" were "talking" as the lead singer named them.... there are some interesting sounds there. That makes it all the more awesome to me though!
They remind me of some of the sounds of the 1950s for some reason, which is obviously just before my favorite decade. Hope you enjoy this song too, or at least the video!


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