The Grown-Ups


The man of the house - loving husband, super dad, king of research.

Suffered through 15 years in a retail environment, with the most unbelievable boss.

Liberal Arts graduate (one degree in Political Science, one in History).

Passionate about the things he believes in.

Wants to travel the world. And own a submarine.

Favorite color is green.

Grew up on a farm.

Wedding Day, March 21, 2002


The lady of the house - loving wife, super mom, crafty with a dose of ADD.

Stay-at-home-Mom since 2003.

Grew up in a tiny little town.

High school graduate.

HVAC/R trade school graduate (family business) - fully certified by the EPA and ARI.

In her early 20's, worked at a job and was promptly nicknamed "Frankie"... one of two women working in a predominantly male environment.

Still would like to work in the veterinary field.

Allergic to furry animals, but totally okay with reptiles (the legged kind) and amphibians!

Favorite color is also green.