Thursday, April 14

30 Days - April 14 ~ you wouldn't expect this!

For the 30 days of music:

Day 14 ~ the song that no one would expect me to love:

"Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello!

Trans-Continental Hustle

Listen to the song, see if you don't start bopping your head in time with the beat - it's funky, they toss in some lyrics in a foreign language (Ukrainian?), and I just really like the way it flows. Now, if you wonder where I heard of this band.... Ardeo used to work with a guy who had lived in NYC for a time. Gogol Bordello is from NYC, and he had seen them live way back when they were new-ish. One night the two were working together and I dropped in to have dinner with my man; NYC guy had his iPod going and this song was playing. I knew they liked to listen to the college radio station here (we do at home too) so I asked if that's what was on. He said no, and told me about this band and that he'd seen them live. I had dinner and came back home, and *immediately* searched iTunes for them! I think I only chose a couple of their songs (the wallet's only so deep, ya know) but this is the one that remains my favorite from them.


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