Saturday, April 30

30 Days - April 30 ~ favorite at this time last year

For the 30 days of music:

"Sugar Magnolia"

The Best Of
^ Vinyl!! ^

I'll just let this one speak for itself. I still love this one, it still even has the highest number of plays according to my iTunes, and I think I played it on repeat for about 2 months early last year! I started calling Miss Hurricane, 'my sugar magnolia', but she told me that "only Dad makes the nicknames, you know." .... LOL (she's right though!)

Grateful Dead - Sunshine Daydream Cling On Decal

'Sunshine daydream'? Nope, I can only call her by her middle name (by which she's known), and first name if she didn't hear me or is in trouble. Only Dad/Ardeo can call her nicknames: Gooberdina, The Goob, Scooter Bean, Free-Toes (when she's barefoot, thanks to her Kindergarten teacher), Puddin'..... whatever strikes him at any given moment, and she's cool with it! Rotten kid. ;)

- - - - - -
There you have it, folks! This post is the last one for April 2011, the last post for this edition of 30 Days of Music! I do have another lined up, and it's 31 Days, but I need a blogging break for now. I'm thinking I'll pull that one out in August if I can. Stay tuned!

May is a busy month, as I've mentioned: three sisters-in-law, my dad, my mother-in-law, and MY birthday all hit this month; there's also Mother's Day, my parent's 35th wedding anniversary on the 21st (yay!!), and Memorial Day. Oh, and school lets out for my kids on June 3rd this year. Whew ~ makes me tired just typing it all out! It's about to get supah-busy, but at least it'll also be supah-warm!!



Friday, April 29

30 Days - April 29 ~ from my childhood

For the 30 days of music:

"You Got It (The Right Stuff)"

Greatest Hits

Hey, I'm about to turn 34 - do the math!!! =D

{NKOTB official site}

My dad took me to see NKOTB when they came to my hometown in 1990. I'm kind of surprised he didn't permanently lose some hearing! But bless his heart, he made it through my (and my friend's) fangirl-style screaming like it was no big deal. Her mom came too, maybe they kept each other sane?? We really couldn't see them too well from our seats - not quite 'nosebleed' section, but we were up kind of high in the building - and I know we sang and danced and screamed our fool heads off for (probably) two hours. I still remember some of that concert as if it were yesterday! It is so unlikely, but I would *love* to see them again; they're touring this summer and will have 3 shows within a 3 hour drive of here!!

Fellow fangirls will understand - I did and still do love Jonathan.... and Ardeo is totally okay with that fact. ;D

You know I totally had this poster on my wall:
New Kids on the Block - Hangin' Tough 1989 22x34 Poster
It hung there for at least 2 years....


Thursday, April 28

30 Days - April 28 ~ makes me feel guilty

For the 30 days of music:

"Circle of Steel"

{The video above is a cover by someone named Brian - but I swear, he sounds *just* like Gordon Lightfoot! This is an excellent cover of a great song!}

Gord's Gold

I wish I could tell you why this song makes me feel guilty, but I honestly can't explain it. I have never been in any of the situations mentioned in this song, nor do I know anyone who has. But every time I hear it, I feel what I'd call guilt.

Maybe it's just a sign that I should volunteer more, see how I can help out in my community. I would like to say that I have or do, but I never have - yet I always want to do so. Yeah, I think that must be it.... I seriously just figured this out while typing it for you to read! To alleviate the guilt, I will see about volunteering somehow. And yes, I will let you know what happens! :D


Wednesday, April 27

30 Days - April 27 ~ that I wish I could play

*{More bad weather today delayed this post. Welcome to April in the Midwest!}*

For the 30 days of music:

[Calypso Medley]

Van Dyke Parks Presents the Esso Trinidad Steel Band

What do I wish I could play? Just about anything on a steel drum! Brother Tim could play the steel drum, and I saw him do it at least twice. Just hearing steel drums puts me in a good mood! I'm sure it's supposed to ... but it makes me think of lounging on a beach, specifically in the Caribbean. I *L*O*V*E* the sound of steel drums.
I have a CD that I bought back in high school (that's 16 years ago now!!) and it is one of my favorites. I love to play it during the seasonal changes, especially during March, April and May. It really does help me to look forward and remind myself that 'it's almost summer time!!'.

Oh, I want to go back ... to the island....
You can choose your favorite island from this list...
I was married on the island of St. John, and have a friend who lives on St. Croix, in Christiansted.

Or, even plan a trip to visit for real:
Visit US Virgin Islands
Caribbean Travel: Destinations portal
Caribbean Travel Magazine
Definitive Caribbean

One of these days, when I'm filthy rich, I am totally moving myself to the Caribbean. Ardeo already wants a submarine when we hit the lottery, so I'll have the perfect place to drive it around!

^This is going to be my new bed.^

And one of these days, we'll actually buy a lottery ticket, so that we have the tiniest chance at that pipe dream! HA!

Enjoy the steel drum music ~ namaste!


Tuesday, April 26

30 Days - April 26 ~ that I can play on an instrument

For the 30 days of music:

"Mercedes Benz"

Box of Pearls: The Janis Joplin Collection

I have loved Janis since I was a freshman in high school! I know today's theme involves an instrument, but! I haven't played any instrument since middle school (clarinet), and I couldn't play anything recognizable or that I'd remember these days anyway. Haven't touched a clarinet since 8th or 9th grade.... and I wouldn't call myself a drummer, although I can hit things in time with a beat. ;)

I never played any other instrument, so my instrument these days is my voice (I know it counts!!), and I have sung this song many times alone and in front of others; I have been told that I sing it well ~ I'll run with it!


Monday, April 25

30 Days - April 25 ~ makes me laugh

For the 30 days of music:

"In Spite of Ourselves" (song starts around 1:45, it's a live performance.)

In Spite of Ourselves

Just read along with the lyrics, although you can easily follow along if you just listen. It's certainly good for a giggle, but I'll rate it 'PG' - there's no swearing or anything, but she does mention drinking and underwear (hers, specifically!) - so you might want to test-listen before listening it with kids around! ;-)
You know, I mentioned Dave & Marisa the other day.... well, this is "their" song! Played at their wedding and everything - and once again, it's their fault that I know and love this song.... and that's okay!


Sunday, April 24

30 Days - April 24 ~ for my funeral

For the 30 days of music:

Day 24 ~ wanted to play at my funeral:

"Photographs and Memories"

Photographs & Memories - His Greatest Hits

Again, I had a hard time choosing just one song for today. So I went and got some help - I asked my Facebook friends to choose a number between 1-38! The first person to answer said 23, and this song is #23 on my playlist called "When I'm Gone". I think I've referenced this playlist here once or twice, but I went ahead and put together a list of songs that I want to be played at my memorial service; of course I'm hoping that's a long, long time from now! (I want to be cremated. Donate my organs and plant flowers or veggies as a memorial, but don't stick my dead body in some box... thanks.) Since I love my music, and know which songs mean the most to me, I went ahead and put this playlist together.

Some of the other songs on that playlist are:
Make Your Own Kind of Music {'Mama' Cass Elliot}
The Inner Light {The Beatles}
One Love {Bob Marley & the Wailers}
Sugar Magnolia {Grateful Dead}
Joy to the World {Three Dog Night}
Tha Crossroads {Bone Thugs N Harmony} <- bet no one saw THAT coming...
Closer to Fine {Indigo Girls}
Okayalright {moe.}
Don't Worry, Be Happy {Bobby McFerrin}
When the Crowds are Gone {Savatage}

That is about a third of the entire playlist. You get the idea - some are songs by which I want to be remembered as having loved, others are just songs that have always reminded me of other loved ones who've passed and many of my family members would 'catch on' to that. I will probably add to it at times, but for now iTunes is telling me that I have 2.4 hours worth of music there!

I know not many people want to think about dying, especially while we're still young. I only thought about it in depth after Brother Tim died two years ago.

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if tomorrow is your last day.
Life is more enjoyable if you stop to smell the flowers - or hug your kids an extra time instead crying over spilled milk.

Namaste :)

Saturday, April 23

30 Days - April 23 ~ for my wedding

For the 30 days of music:

Day 23 ~ wanted to play at my wedding:


The Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg

I was married in March of 2002, on a Caribbean beach, barefoot in the sand..... ahhhh. So, while this was not played at my wedding, it was on the list to be played had we not eloped! ;)

I love Dan Fogelberg. The above song really makes me think of my dear husband; because of my personal belief in reincarnation, I am *certain* that he & I have been through a couple of lifetimes together already. {Here's a link for the lyrics - "Longer" is about 3/4 of the way down the page.} The song Ardeo & I named as "our" song is actually "Mystifies Me" by Son Volt; I had never heard of Son Volt until we started dating, but he really liked them (and that song) so it kind of 'stuck' as ours. We like it, too! =D
I think we are going to hang on to "Longer" for a time when we might renew our vows.... for which, we'd actually invite our families as well rather than traipsing off to an island!

Well, maybe. HA!


Friday, April 22

30 Days - April 22 ~ when I'm sad

Sorry for the delay today, we were under a severe t-storm warning, and eventually, a tornado warning too... so I'm just now getting around to finishing this up to post it for you.
On with it, then!

For the 30 days of music:

Day 22 ~ when I'm sad, I listen to:

"The Long Way Home"

The Choice Cuts
^ Excellent album!! ^

Now, the embedded video is a montage for Captain Phil* of the Discovery show, Deadliest Catch - Phil died early in 2010.
At the end of the episode dealing with his passing, this song was playing and I immediately loved it. I made sure to watch the credits to figure out, at the very least, who was singing it; luckily they slowed down the credits and I saw the artist and song title easily. Hopped right over to iTunes and bought the song with the intent to look through the discography at another time, and I have since bought 10 or so songs.
This is a good mellow song, and I have it as a part of my "funeral playlist" (you'll see more of that in a couple days). Since it's newer - both in general, and to me personally - I do listen to it more often than most other 'sad' songs. I hope you like it too!


*{{{May his soul be at rest.}}}

Thursday, April 21

30 Days - April 21 ~ when I'm happy

For the 30 days of music:

Day 21 ~ when I'm happy:

"Rock Lobster"


I really can't explain this one. I dig The B-52s, and have ever since "Love Shack" became hugely popular. Love that song too! Today, I learned that they've been together since 1976 and hail from Athens, GA.... I know people who live in Athens today! That might not mean much to anyone else, but I thought 'hey, how about that!' when I read it (here on Wikipedia).
Anyway, I can tell you that the beginning bars are all it takes to make me smile. I've actually happened upon it first thing in the morning: one day after putting Miss Hurricane on the bus, I had plans to go for a walk and had my iPod with me. As her bus pulled away, I started looking for 'what am I going to listen to today?' and came upon my 'Walking' playlist. Wanting to mix it up a bit, I hit shuffle; the first song to play was "Rock Lobster"! And of course, I cracked up near the end when all the "fish" were "talking" as the lead singer named them.... there are some interesting sounds there. That makes it all the more awesome to me though!
They remind me of some of the sounds of the 1950s for some reason, which is obviously just before my favorite decade. Hope you enjoy this song too, or at least the video!


Wednesday, April 20

30 Days - April 20 ~ when I'm angry

For the 30 days of music:

Day 20 ~ when I'm angry, I like to listen to:

"Harvester of Sorrow"

QUICK - guess which album it's on!! ;)
...And Justice For All

It is so much better when it's unbelievably loud! For years, at least reaching back as far as 6th or 7th grade, I've been a Metallica fan. Thanks to Cousin Dave, I've known about them since right around 1985 (about 4 years after they formed). Lars* has always been my favorite!
Animated Gifs
Metallica is my go-to metal band - sometimes, I'm just in the mood for it; sometimes I need to vent some frustrations and just want something loud and fast and angry-sounding. Sometimes it makes for really great driving music! Behind CSN, Metallica is my #2 most-owned artist. I have most (maybe all?) of their albums in my iTunes library, and I know I used to own: Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, ...And Justice For All (the Amazon link above, just click the album art), and the Black album (Metallica). Bro had Garage Inc and St. Anger, then bought Death Magnetic when it first came out; he later inherited my Metallica CDs when I moved over to all-digital music.

If you've been reading along this month, you've gathered that I'm more of a 'dirty hippie' than 'headbanger' - but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy both! They are not mutually exclusive in my world, or my iTunes library. If you looked, you could very likely find a playlist including James Taylor, Shaggy, Grateful Dead and Metallica songs on it. Actually, now that I look, I do have them all together on the one I call "random" (go figure!). That playlist has 49 songs on it, all over the board - I even see DMX and Rosemary Clooney in there.... yeah, that's eclectic alright.


*(He's the drummer, and the first in a line of crushes I've had on drummers.)