Sunday, April 10

30 Days - April 10 ~ which makes me fall asleep

For the 30 days of music:

Day 10 ~ a song which makes me fall asleep:

"Witchi Tai To"

One Toke Over the Line: Best of

Now, I've always really enjoyed Brewer & Shipley's more popular song, "One Toke Over the Line". 'Witchi Tai To' doesn't necessarily put me to sleep, but it is a very soothing song - and it's 6 minutes long, so, at night and on repeat? I could fall asleep by the middle of the third play! During the day I'm fine and singing along as much as possible (I'm not entirely sure about some of the lyrics, so I wing it!) because I think it's a very groovy tune.
I hope you enjoy it as well!


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