Thursday, April 28

30 Days - April 28 ~ makes me feel guilty

For the 30 days of music:

"Circle of Steel"

{The video above is a cover by someone named Brian - but I swear, he sounds *just* like Gordon Lightfoot! This is an excellent cover of a great song!}

Gord's Gold

I wish I could tell you why this song makes me feel guilty, but I honestly can't explain it. I have never been in any of the situations mentioned in this song, nor do I know anyone who has. But every time I hear it, I feel what I'd call guilt.

Maybe it's just a sign that I should volunteer more, see how I can help out in my community. I would like to say that I have or do, but I never have - yet I always want to do so. Yeah, I think that must be it.... I seriously just figured this out while typing it for you to read! To alleviate the guilt, I will see about volunteering somehow. And yes, I will let you know what happens! :D


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