Thursday, April 10

Found this old blog today

While looking through my documents, I found a copy of this old blog I'd posted on MySpace about a year ago. Since I deleted my account there, I wanted to move it here. It's about breastfeeding, with some links to facts and history followed by my opinion - feel free to pass it on to anyone who may ask you about breastfeeding! :-)

This is dedicated to the Puritanical people who think they are 'saving our eyes' by reporting normal, healthy pictures of breastfeeding as 'offensive', and leaving the truly explicit offensive pictures of teenagers here on myspace right where they are.

This week, I offer you a lesson in feeding your infant. Pop quiz: when was infant formula invented? Anyone? 1867, Henri Nestle. Realize that this is pretty recent in the history of humankind - that's just after the American Civil War (1861-1865 in case you didn't know). 140 years ago. So, what did most women feed their children before that? Breastmilk. The entire reason breasts are attached to the female form (and this goes for all species, kids) is for feeding our young. In other words, breasts are NOT a sex toy for men. There is no food so perfect as breastmilk, although formula companies are trying to convince young mothers otherwise. On the other hand, they freely admit that formula will NEVER be as complete and natural as actual breastmilk, as breastmilk is constantly changing to fit the nutritional needs of the child. No amount of science could catch up with and imitate that, no matter how hard they try. And ethical marketing? Yeah, sure. Anyway, what's easier at 3 a.m. when you've only been asleep for two hours, and not sleeping very well? Either you get up, go to the kitchen, mix/warm up a bottle, make sure it's the right temperature, THEN feed it to the child - who's now hungry *and* pissed that you're taking so long....... or you can whip out your breast, and feed the child right then and there. Happy baby because you were quick about it! That was my favorite thing about nursing my kids - I didn't have to get up in the middle of the night *just* to go get a bottle. It certainly helps with the new-mama-lack-of-sleep thing. But I digress......

Let's go back a bit further in history - say, about 2000 years. Christians, what did the newborn Jesus eat? What was every mother on Earth feeding her newborn, toddler, and child? Breastmilk! Of course! Hey, breastmilk is still free to all women and their children. If women had not been nursing their children, how would this, or any, species have survived? Now, there have been and still are some women who cannot physically breastfeed - you ask "What did they do, huh? Let their babies die??" No, they didn't. Did you read that article I linked above? See the part about "wet nurses"? Those are still around, in a way. Much like sperm banking, there does exist a Breastmilk Bank. Most mothers (and fathers, but this is about the womenfolk) will do literally anything for their child(ren) if it is in the best interest of the child(ren).

Now for some links, since some of you probably won't read everything I link here (or you already know these):

Breastfeeding can reduce your chance of developing female cancers. (Here's another one from Dr. Weil.)

The FDA recommends breastfeeding. And the AAP thinks breast is best, too.

You have the option of nursing in public, and I don't mean in a restroom. Of course you also have the option of not nursing in public, it is again the choice of the mother and no one else around her. You don't want to see it, don't look.

Oh, and did you know, you CAN nurse a child you adopt! I actually know a woman online who is doing just that, and the boy is thriving (not to mention absolutely adorable!! (= )

If you're still with me, congratulations and thank you for reading so far and so much! {Seriously, you deserve a medal - this took me a day to compile, write and rewrite.} I think I should look into becoming a lactation consultant..... been almost 4.5 years since I last nursed, but I remember what I learned from my Grandma, my WIC office, my neighbours, and other women - all good accurate information that rarely, if ever, changes. I feel like I need to share it with as many women as are willing to ask. Ladies, new mamas especially, don't be afraid to ask for help - remember that no child fresh out of the womb has nursed before, and you both will learn a lot from each other. If it seems hard, find help if you still want to nurse. If you decide you don't want to do it, that's your choice too, but please make an informed decision about it. There are some women who yearn to nurse their babies but physically cannot, and it baffles them that other women think of nursing as an inconvenience.

Wednesday, April 9

...aaaaaaannd we're back!

The kids and I got home Sunday evening. The time flew by while we were visiting, and I didn't even get a chance to call - let alone visit - my friends up there :-(
I felt like I was a day behind the whole visit too, I have to ask the boy which day we did what. Glad he remembers!
We did have a nice visit though - got to see my nieces for a whole day, went out shopping with Mom for a full day, one day at a restaurant we ran into a cousin on Dad's side - and he told me he's done the family tree to waaaaaaaaaay back! I had to give him my address, phone number, and email - I've been stuck on our tree for a while, and have been working with it for over 10 years now! Anyway, we sat and talked to him for an hour or so. That was the day that Dad took the kids to a park (after we ate) while Mom and I went to the mall. I got my sunglasses fixed though - for free!! My girl stepped on them last summer and bent the left arm. I'd always been afraid of breaking it if I bent it back, but the lady at LensCrafters did it with ease. And now I'm not squinting while I drive :D
I took a bunch of pictures while we were there. Also while we were there, Poseidon was here and he switched us back from Windows to Mac - and I am *SO* happy with that! I'll be tooling with my iPod later today! But that also means that I can't dump the camera yet, so once we do - I know I have a ton of promised pictures to share, and then some from Spring Break - I will get them up here.
For any of you keeping track, I'll be posting another WLJ next week. I've too much cleaning and putting away and catching up to do this week, I'm lucky to be posting this today! I wanted to on Monday but just got around to it today. I have no idea how much I may have gained or lost at Mom's - she feeds us well :-)

I hope to be back with another post in about two weeks. Poseidon has to work a lot these next weeks, covering for some vacations. Should be able to figure out the photo-dumping thing and if I do, I'll send family readers an email to let you know I've updated it. Friends will know via my CafeMom page.

Jenn, I'm sorry I didn't call or drop by - I wanted to every day and just never found the time or was too far away with Mom. We'll be up again in June, after school's out, and I think next time we'll stay longer than a week so I *can* visit everyone. I hope I can bring Poseidon too!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 1

April Fool's Day - no jokes in this post though!

Since I can barely remember what day of the week it is, how am I supposed to remember that it's another "holiday"?? Oh well, have fun whatever you do today! I'm just putting a little update here for everyone.....

It's Spring Break this week! The kids already went camping (over the weekend) with my ILs, and today we're heading up to stay with my parents for the rest of the week. Little Girl says she can't wait to see Abby.... Mom's Yorkie! LOL And as I write this, she tells me she wants to play on .... give me a few minutes, honey! :-) I can let her do that while I pack our bags and get the house ready. Unfortunately, Poseidon couldn't take any time off work this week, so he'll be here alone. I wish I could bring him with us, he loves Abby too! :-)

I posted a new Weight Loss Journal entry over at CafeMom yesterday. I'll be doing some serious walking while we're at Mom's this week! I hope the weather is nice this weekend so my friend and I and all our kids can hang out at a park for a while. I need to try to visit my grandparents too, but I won't work out any kind of 'schedule' until we're unpacked at Mom's. Lots of driving involved to visit everyone I can while we're there for 5 days, but I'll try!

While the kids and I are gone this week, Poseidon will be switching us back to a Mac house. Everything was and is just easier - the thing works without us having to fix something every day. And my iPod becomes plug-n-play again. :-) We made the decision last night, after lots and *lots* of thinking and discussing. I was pulling for the switch the whole time but wanted to leave it more up to him, since he's "the computer guy".... two indecisive people, married for life.... it's fun. LOL I may not have another update here until mid-month because of the switch, but do keep an eye on this. I have a weight loss goal to meet by the 15th, and it has a big reward!

Now for the sad part of this post....
The kids came home early yesterday, they were originally due home this morning. My FIL's father passed away yesterday.
An uncle of mine also passed earlier this week, Sunday I think it was.
I found out last night that a girl who went to school with Bro died about two weeks ago. She was an OH National Guardsmen, and while not overseas, she did pass as a result of her job.
Those families need to be lifted in prayer, if you do and will.

I hope you all have a great week :-)