Sunday, April 24

30 Days - April 24 ~ for my funeral

For the 30 days of music:

Day 24 ~ wanted to play at my funeral:

"Photographs and Memories"

Photographs & Memories - His Greatest Hits

Again, I had a hard time choosing just one song for today. So I went and got some help - I asked my Facebook friends to choose a number between 1-38! The first person to answer said 23, and this song is #23 on my playlist called "When I'm Gone". I think I've referenced this playlist here once or twice, but I went ahead and put together a list of songs that I want to be played at my memorial service; of course I'm hoping that's a long, long time from now! (I want to be cremated. Donate my organs and plant flowers or veggies as a memorial, but don't stick my dead body in some box... thanks.) Since I love my music, and know which songs mean the most to me, I went ahead and put this playlist together.

Some of the other songs on that playlist are:
Make Your Own Kind of Music {'Mama' Cass Elliot}
The Inner Light {The Beatles}
One Love {Bob Marley & the Wailers}
Sugar Magnolia {Grateful Dead}
Joy to the World {Three Dog Night}
Tha Crossroads {Bone Thugs N Harmony} <- bet no one saw THAT coming...
Closer to Fine {Indigo Girls}
Okayalright {moe.}
Don't Worry, Be Happy {Bobby McFerrin}
When the Crowds are Gone {Savatage}

That is about a third of the entire playlist. You get the idea - some are songs by which I want to be remembered as having loved, others are just songs that have always reminded me of other loved ones who've passed and many of my family members would 'catch on' to that. I will probably add to it at times, but for now iTunes is telling me that I have 2.4 hours worth of music there!

I know not many people want to think about dying, especially while we're still young. I only thought about it in depth after Brother Tim died two years ago.

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if tomorrow is your last day.
Life is more enjoyable if you stop to smell the flowers - or hug your kids an extra time instead crying over spilled milk.

Namaste :)

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