Wednesday, April 13

30 Days - April 13 ~ my guilty pleasure

For the 30 days of music:

Day 13 ~ my guilty pleasure.....

Theme song for the kid's show:
"The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That"

Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Wings & Things

Alrighty. I have admitted (on FB) to watching this show almost every weekday. I enjoy it, I know all the words to the theme song, and it makes me laugh! So what makes this a guilty pleasure?

Maybe the fact that it comes on in my area *after* both kids are at school??
Yep, that's it. Even Ardeo pokes a little fun at me about it, because he's seen me watch it.... even before going back downstairs for a nap if I feel like I need one.
Here's my school morning schedule:
0540 - my wake-up alarm goes off. I come upstairs, turn on the news, make my tea and let it brew while I use the toilet (come on, everyone pees right when they get up!!), then eat breakfast and drink the tea while I watch the Sunrise Show (my local NBC news).
0610 - if I haven't already, it's time to make oatmeal for the kids in our awesome rice cooker* ~ if oatmeal is ready, then it's time for the Sun Salutation.
0620 - time to wake Miss Hurricane, if I'm going to put her on the bus. Change TV to PBS after Sunrise's 'Fun Fact of the Day'!
0650 - time to leave for the bus stop. Her bus comes right about 7 every morning; if it's cold or rainy, I usually just drive her to school and will let her sleep until 0650, and we'd leave at 0725. School starts for her at 0745.
0745 - time to wake Mister Twister. Often, he's already awake by this time, and can make his own breakfast. Usually either Ardeo or I have it made before he gets up.
0825 - Mister Twister leaves for the bus stop; his bus comes around 0830, but he walks really fast!
0830 - time for the cat -- The Cat in the Hat!

*While this is not our exact rice cooker - ours is no longer available online - this is the same brand and looks very similar, just updated. We do have a Panasonic 5-cup Fuzzy Logic, and it is awesome. Can cook e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. in it ~ rice, instant potatoes, chili, spaghetti, scrambled eggs, and steam veggies. Just about the only cookware we need, and I do use it every single day. Takes up about a square foot of counter space. Easy to clean. Seriously, it's awesome (=

{tangent coming}
I have trouble falling asleep at night; I'm a night owl by nature, and am known for staying up working on stuff or reading until midnight or later, easily. I really do try to get to bed/sleep before 10-11 at night, but most nights I'm just not sleepy in the least. Why lay there wide awake doing nothing, when I could just stay up and write something for you to read (lol), or make something, or even plan/lay out dinner for the next day? It is the morning after a late night like that, that would pretty much require my taking a nap after The Cat in the Hat. Sometimes I am able to fall asleep early enough that I will stay awake and go on about my day. I know I need to do that *every* day, but it's not easy.... I've always been like that, and if left alone, my internal clock would let me sleep from about 1 a.m. until 10 a.m. or so. I actually do that on the weekends... piece of cake! :D
{end tangent}

And there you have it - my musical guilty pleasure is the theme song to a kid's show! Just see if it doesn't get stuck in YOUR head! ;)


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