Monday, April 11

30 Days - April 11 ~ from my favorite band

For the 30 days of music:

Day 11 ~ from my favorite band:

"To The Last Whale: Critical Mass/Wind on the Water"
(I personally get serious goosebumps during the first 1:10 of this one. I cannot adequately describe the way their voices fit together so perfectly.)

Crosby Stills & Nash
{Click above to buy their boxed set! Well worth the price!!}

Here's your warning: I have ADD, so there's a bunch of radom linkage below!

They haven't always and will never be a "band" in the sense that they *only* ever play together. There's a story in the book that comes with the box set, about how CSN decided from the get-go that they would leave 'wiggle room' - i.e. if any of them wanted to go solo, or work with just one other among them, or go off and work with another band entirely.... they could do so. And it's apparently worked out very well for them! They all have had great careers, solo and otherwise. I just absolutely enjoy CSN working together, and Neil Young is an excellent addition to much of their music.
{Man, I really was born in the wrong decade.... for the music I truly enjoy, I'm about 10 years too young!}

Anytime these friendly surveys come around, CSNY (or some combo) is always the first to come to mind for me. Although a few days ago, the music theme was "one that reminds me of someone", I can come up with a great CSNY song for almost every one of my friends. That's one thing that made it hard to narrow it down for this! But I knew the one I chose could *only* ever remind me of one person! :D
I am lucky enough to have seen them live, twice:
June 5, 1996 - CSN + Chicago (double headliner? hellz yeah!!), with dear Brother Timmy, &
{the summer/fall of 1995? maybe?} - Crosby + Nash, with someone from work. That ticket stub is in the scrapbook, at Mom's, so I can't look to see when it was.... but I do remember the show, where I worked, and who went with me! ;D
I would love to see them again - they're on tour right now, but I'm in the wrong part of the country.... and also broke. There has been talk that this may/will be their last tour together but I reeeeeeeeeally hope it isn't!! Should it come to be, I want to try to see them separately if that opportuniy presents itself. [fingers and toes and eyes all crossed for that!!]

Some extra links* which also open new windows, cuz I luv dem:
David Crosby (bonus: CPR is another band, in which Crosby's son is also involved. Give them a listen!)
Stephen Stills
Graham Nash**
Neil Young


*Please note that these links are different than any linked during my rambling above the crossing I did. LOL
**He's still a hottie. Fo realz.

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