Saturday, April 30

30 Days - April 30 ~ favorite at this time last year

For the 30 days of music:

"Sugar Magnolia"

The Best Of
^ Vinyl!! ^

I'll just let this one speak for itself. I still love this one, it still even has the highest number of plays according to my iTunes, and I think I played it on repeat for about 2 months early last year! I started calling Miss Hurricane, 'my sugar magnolia', but she told me that "only Dad makes the nicknames, you know." .... LOL (she's right though!)

Grateful Dead - Sunshine Daydream Cling On Decal

'Sunshine daydream'? Nope, I can only call her by her middle name (by which she's known), and first name if she didn't hear me or is in trouble. Only Dad/Ardeo can call her nicknames: Gooberdina, The Goob, Scooter Bean, Free-Toes (when she's barefoot, thanks to her Kindergarten teacher), Puddin'..... whatever strikes him at any given moment, and she's cool with it! Rotten kid. ;)

- - - - - -
There you have it, folks! This post is the last one for April 2011, the last post for this edition of 30 Days of Music! I do have another lined up, and it's 31 Days, but I need a blogging break for now. I'm thinking I'll pull that one out in August if I can. Stay tuned!

May is a busy month, as I've mentioned: three sisters-in-law, my dad, my mother-in-law, and MY birthday all hit this month; there's also Mother's Day, my parent's 35th wedding anniversary on the 21st (yay!!), and Memorial Day. Oh, and school lets out for my kids on June 3rd this year. Whew ~ makes me tired just typing it all out! It's about to get supah-busy, but at least it'll also be supah-warm!!



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