Monday, February 18

An update, overdue

Again, I see it's been a while....

Miss Hurricane and I are finally feeling normal. We had the flu, which then morphed into regular colds, and I had a sinus infection on top of that. Yeah, I felt just *awesome*, let me tell you. But I'm finally better, and getting back into the swing of things. Laundry's all caught up, house is pretty clean (but sanitized, which was mroe important at first), and I need to make another menu once I go through the pantry/freezer and see what we have.
Last week, Mister Twister had two consecutive snow days! Both kids played outside for a while on the second day, and I did take pictures. I promise, I will eventually get all the pictures up on here! I know I'm behind, due to many things, but it will happen soon. These children did smack me with a few snowballs, and you can see the leading-up-to that point.... it was fun, they had a good time playing in the snow, and then we came in to have hot cocoa.
This weekend I went to visit my brother and give him a lesson on computer use. He just got his first computer, and didn't know how to use it, but seems to now have a very good grasp of it (it will get easier, Bro, really). He just sent me an email too! Anyway, Mom and Dad came to visit on a whim Saturday and took the kids back home with them. They dropped them off at Bro's house Sunday morning, and I drove up from here, then the three of us were back home by 8:30 Sunday night. We had a good visit, and ate dinner with them, then the older girls wanted to come home with us! LOL If it weren't for them being in preschool, I may have said it was okay - but they need to know now that school shouldn't be skipped for any reason. That can be modified when they're older. :-)

And that's what has been going on here over the last couple of weeks! On tap for this week:
- start jammies for Miss Hurricane (Hello Kitty fabric, McCall's 3906 A/E)
- new shirt for me! (green tie-dye batik, McCall's 5050 E)
- go through the rest of the random fabric I have here, and find new homes for a lot of it
- start the Spring Decluttering in general
- figure out if we'll be able to go out for our 6th anniversary in a month
- Get Mom and MIL to send me their fabric choices :-)
- see what I can do/make for Easter gifts for 4 little girlies I love!

Okay, maybe that's a list for the rest of the month.... I hope to at least start every one of those this week though! Oh, I forgot to post a weight loss update - but I also forgot to weigh-in this morning. I'll do that tomorrow, and post an update on my CafeMom page (link at right, if you don't already know about it). Last Monday was a good update - check it out!
Lastly, my prayer list, which you can add to yours as well if you so choose:
+Janel +Katie +Marissa's family (not my cousin's wife!) +Sherrie

Have a groovy week everyone ~ thanks for dropping by! Namaste.


Tuesday, February 5


So I see it's been a couple weeks since my last post.... battling through sickness, keeping up with the house, switching computers (yeah, fun), and trying to get things put away. Today Miss Hurricane and I are both sick. She had a fever last night, and now has a cough and headache, with no fever. At least she has her appetite! I feel like I'm coming down with strep so I've been drinking my vinegar water. Still have a terrible cough too, and have been tired all day. Thankfully the guys don't have whatever she and I have. I hate being sick!
As soon as the computer switcheroo is finished, I'll get that post up about the Science Fair project. I have pictures that I can post with it too, and I want to take one of him with the project and blue ribbon.... might be a few days from now, but I'll get it up for y'all to see. :-)
I made myself an apron (scroll down to see it, it's FREE!) a few days ago (whatever day that big football game was) - I love it! It's cute *and* looks good on me, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I may have to make a couple more so I can wear them daily!

This is too scattered, I can't think straight today. Haven't even taken but one dose of medicine, and that's been over 4 hours ago! Time for some tea, maybe some more sleep too. I'll send out an email when I get the SF post up.
Oh, and I'm down another pound!