Friday, April 22

30 Days - April 22 ~ when I'm sad

Sorry for the delay today, we were under a severe t-storm warning, and eventually, a tornado warning too... so I'm just now getting around to finishing this up to post it for you.
On with it, then!

For the 30 days of music:

Day 22 ~ when I'm sad, I listen to:

"The Long Way Home"

The Choice Cuts
^ Excellent album!! ^

Now, the embedded video is a montage for Captain Phil* of the Discovery show, Deadliest Catch - Phil died early in 2010.
At the end of the episode dealing with his passing, this song was playing and I immediately loved it. I made sure to watch the credits to figure out, at the very least, who was singing it; luckily they slowed down the credits and I saw the artist and song title easily. Hopped right over to iTunes and bought the song with the intent to look through the discography at another time, and I have since bought 10 or so songs.
This is a good mellow song, and I have it as a part of my "funeral playlist" (you'll see more of that in a couple days). Since it's newer - both in general, and to me personally - I do listen to it more often than most other 'sad' songs. I hope you like it too!


*{{{May his soul be at rest.}}}

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