Thursday, July 8

First week:

It's been one week since we left our old house... and tomorrow, we can start moving into the new place! I am totally ready to get my stuff back and set up in a space that is our own again. I am also grateful, and very thankful, that my in-laws have let us stay at their house over the last week! Doing so kept us close enough to town and the new place that once we got the phone call, we wouldn't be too far away to finish up the paperwork. Next week I'll write up something more about the delay in moving; the last few days have felt very laze-around-ish ... then today, we got a concrete timeline and will be busting our humps through this weekend to get it all in place! That is really fine with us though - still leaves us time for family visits before the kids get back into school this year. Now, it has been as dry as bones here for about two weeks - and tomorrow afternoon we are expecting thunderstorms. We are supposed to start moving things after 2 p.m., adding a whole new element of fun to the matter of moving. Oh well. We are good to go no matter what!!

Have a great week everyone!

*(our cable/internet will be hooked up Monday)

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