Wednesday, July 14

An update on our move

As far as having everything in the new place, we are all moved in! As far as putting everything where it goes and where we want it, it's almost finished. For now, we only moved a few blocks from the old house, so we didn't have to take anything very far. The lease here will end on June 30 next year, and this time we will have everything ready to move to Portland as originally planned!
As soon as we get everything in its place and have a little extra time, I'll take some pictures and post them here. Last night, we were informed by the young lady of the house, that one bedroom is bigger than the other. Well, yes dear, it's called a "master bedroom" and it's for the parents. This was not good enough for her - she said she wants to switch bedrooms with us. We're working on her so that we don't switch bedrooms. Building their bunk bed once was enough, we really don't want to take it apart and build it all over again! Their room is a little smaller than their last, and ours is bigger than our last. She's a perceptive little thing and picked up on it almost immediately! By the end of this week, I should have their room all cleaned out. It looks a little smaller than it is right now because we still have moving totes full of things that aren't put away yet. We still have some in our room too, but the living/dining and kitchen rooms are all pretty much "done". All the Mom Work that never ends is also in the process of being done, so it's kind of a big mess downstairs.

Downstairs!! :D We moved from an inefficient and small, old ranch-style house into a small but efficient, split level townhouse! All the appliances work (*and* they're newer); I have an automatic dishwasher (*squeee!!!*), a kitchen island, TONS of kitchen cabinets, TWO toilets (one up, one down), central air, and walk-in closets. These are things I have lived without for the last 7 years. While I was totally fine with it (and still would/will be, as most of those things are "creature comforts") before, I am totally excited about having these things now - even though I know it's only for a year.

It could still be another week before I get back here again, but I will, and I will try to have some pictures.
I also wanted to mention a slight change I made here, which you may have noticed by now - I changed my husband's nickname from "Poseidon" to "Ardeo". He started a blog a couple years ago, and used Ardeo as his nickname there; he's listed here as a co-author, and Ardeo is the profile name Blogger tossed out onto this page. Henceforth, he is Ardeo in writing on this blog. (And I'll go into that another time. It's a Latin word.)


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