Wednesday, July 21

Another week has passed...

Just a general update:

- We are all moved in and settled. Figured out where everything needed to be, learning the quirks and idiosyncracies of the new place, and really seeing that living minimally is working out VERY well for us. It's smaller, but perfect, and we hang out together more often now - the necessity of that has even made us enjoy each other more!

- No pictures today though. We've had really crazy storms here in the last couple of days, and discovered the hard way that our skylight and one bedroom window have *serious* leaks. The only pictures I've taken so far are for the maintenance crew and owner. Once it dries out a little more and the skylight can be re-caulked (our guess is, that's all it needs), I'll get a photo tour together for you. We really do like it here; I don't think we had any idea just what we were missing out on over the last 7 years!

- School starts back up in about 20 days - August 11 - for the kids. Mister Twister is going into 7th grade, while Miss Hurricane will be a 2nd grader. This year will be her first experience with riding a bus to and from school; we moved from the neighbourhood right behind the elementary, (which was easy for walking to/from) and now live across the main road (which even *I* wouldn't cross alone). It's a minor artery for our city, and a bit hard to get in and out of our street by car... so, on the bus she will go! We have some school supply shopping to do very soon, and first day pictures will come as well.

- In the meantime, we do still have a few weeks during which we will visit distant family. My big family reunion is coming up in August, and we'll be there this year; we're staying that weekend with Mom & Dad, and visiting some dear friends before the day of the reunion. We also will trek up to the Detroit area to see our sister-in-law and family!
{PSSSTT - She is gearing up for a Breast Cancer Walk, and giving away some goodies on Twitter - check her out!}

All in all, things are going pretty well for us these days. I wish the same for you and yours!

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