Thursday, July 22

This Land is Your Land...

Ardeo and I were up late last night, talking and playing with the kids before bed, and this song came up at some point during the conversation. We all listened to it, then Ardeo explained it a little for the kids; he then told us why he thought the song should be our national anthem, and we both told the kids that we had to learn it in our elementary music classes.
After the kids went to bed - and this all is happening between midnight and 1 A.M., by the way - he & I talked a little more about the political lyrics within it, which led to conversation about Woody Guthrie in general. We agree, Mr. Guthrie is the Mark Twain of early American music.
Ardeo said he thought it would make a good blog post, so he's researching and collecting thoughts and will eventually write one up. I will prod him along too. ;)

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