Tuesday, June 29

One more day here, and a product recommendation

We have most everything moved out of here, waiting in a storage unit until our new apartment is ready. Last night, my father-in-law came over after work to help us move all the big things - beds, couch, chairs and lots of boxes full of clothes and blankets - in his truck, then took the kids home with him so we could move the rest of our things in the car. As of today, we only need to make another trip or two for the last few things that we need until tomorrow, and we have a lot of cleaning to do.

The very last thing we will unplug and clean out
to store is our water pot. I cannot tell you how much
<---- I
<---- love
<---- this
<---- guy.
We've been using it daily for about 5 years now, often refilling once during the day and using it some more! It does hold 3 litres of water; I drink a whole lot of hot tea all year long, the kids have a cup of hot Chamomile tea with or right after dinner, Poseidon drinks a few cups of coffee in a day, and during winter the kids use it for hot chocolate too. In this house we have very little counter space - this fits in one spot right next to the kitchen sink *extremely* well, and it's convenient for refilling anytime. We have tried to get something smaller a few times, but those never held enough water and I would have to refill 8-10 times daily. None of the others had a timer either. This pot can be set to reboil 7 hours later - so, like an automatic coffeemaker, the water is ready for use in the mornings. I do have to be sure to turn it 'off' by 10 or 11 p.m. if I want the water ready by 6 a.m. (By 'off', I mean that it is set for a 7-hour sleep; to turn it totally off, just unplug it from the wall or the pot itself. When plugged back in, it boils the water again.) The timer is probably my favorite feature. It only takes about 10 minutes to boil 3 litres, then it will keep the water at 208 deg F until it's turned off, turned down, or unplugged.
There are three temperature settings - 208, 190, and 170 degrees F - though we very rarely use the lower settings. And very handily for households with little ones, you must first push "unlock" before the "dispense" button for the water to flow - no automatic burns if you hit the wrong button. Of course, keeping it flush against the wall means littles can't reach either button; Mister Twister is just now 5 feet tall and has only been able to reach and correctly operate the water pot for about 2 years. It only needs cleaning about every other month, and that's very easy to do as well. The packets of cleaning powder only cost about a dollar each, and some stores do carry it on their shelves. If you like to have plenty of boiled water at the ready - for cooking or drinking - the Zojirushi water boiler is the way to go.

Poseidon found this product, and it is probably the best purchase we have made in our 8 years of marriage! By Saturday, he will tell you about the process he uses to make the best cup of coffee. He's the sole coffee drinker here and has perfected the art for making coffee at home short of using a Chemex Brewer (he will talk about that as well).

Off to cleaning for today! Have a great week everyone :D

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