Sunday, January 20

Coming Soon....

.. will be an actual post that makes sense! LOL

- I need to get some pics from Poseidon's computer. The boy's science project went fairly well, and I got some good pics of him testing it out.

- I have now scratched 3 meals off the menu! And still have leftovers for tonight, and tomorrow's lunch!

- I'm working on a couple crochet projects, and trying to clean off/out my sewing center. Once that happens I can get more sewing done (which is one more thing that makes me happy).

- Tomorrow, I weigh-in for my sanity.

- Tomorrow is now a family day!!! No one has anywhere to go ~ school's out for MLK Day and Poseidon is off work ~ I have no idea what we'll be doing, but I hope it's a fun day of interacting with each other and just hanging out!

Have a great day, and look for another post in the next few days. Love to all,


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