Tuesday, February 5


So I see it's been a couple weeks since my last post.... battling through sickness, keeping up with the house, switching computers (yeah, fun), and trying to get things put away. Today Miss Hurricane and I are both sick. She had a fever last night, and now has a cough and headache, with no fever. At least she has her appetite! I feel like I'm coming down with strep so I've been drinking my vinegar water. Still have a terrible cough too, and have been tired all day. Thankfully the guys don't have whatever she and I have. I hate being sick!
As soon as the computer switcheroo is finished, I'll get that post up about the Science Fair project. I have pictures that I can post with it too, and I want to take one of him with the project and blue ribbon.... might be a few days from now, but I'll get it up for y'all to see. :-)
I made myself an apron (scroll down to see it, it's FREE!) a few days ago (whatever day that big football game was) - I love it! It's cute *and* looks good on me, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I may have to make a couple more so I can wear them daily!

This is too scattered, I can't think straight today. Haven't even taken but one dose of medicine, and that's been over 4 hours ago! Time for some tea, maybe some more sleep too. I'll send out an email when I get the SF post up.
Oh, and I'm down another pound!


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