Tuesday, January 15

Welcome to our site!

Hello dear friends and family!
I decided to start a blog where you all can read about our life and see pictures as we take/share them. I'll probably do this weekly, but definitely monthly if nothing else! You'll always get an email when I've posted anything new.

Since we have friends and family scattered about, I thought this would be a good way for y'all to see how things are going for us, even if you only have a minute and want to drop by. This fall Miss Hurricane will be starting school, and it will likely be harder for me to check and respond to emails as often as I do now. This is my first blog or website of any kind, so bear with me and any goofs! :-)

Nothing more to say today, this was just an introductory, practice post for me (and you). Let's see what happens tomorrow! Have a groovy week!

Much love ~ me

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