Tuesday, January 15

A little about us.

For those of you not related, or with whom we haven't spoken in a long time, I'd like to properly introduce myself and my family.
I'll refer to myself here as Amphitrite. I've been happily married since 2002 to my soulmate (next paragraph). We have two kids, Mister Twister and Miss Hurricane. My first real job involved my working with animals at Pet Food Super Center (now closed), and from that I learned to love reptiles and amphibians over most typical pets. I'm also allergic to typical pets with fur or feathers, so it works out! One day I'd love to have a few Agalychnis callidryas - but first I'll have to settle for storing pictures of them. I have a very low tolerance for critters without legs, and trust only one person handling them around me - my cousin Dave. And he's the one who got me the job at PFSC - thanks Dave! Eventually we'll have a tank full of fish as pets.... we just need to "settle" first, decide where we're going to make our home for the next 15 years or so. Another topic for another time.
My husband... well, here I'll be calling him Poseidon. The story of how we met, fell in love, and married is another long one for another time - but I will tell you that I've known this man in another life, and my stomach flipped around him then as now! I gave him the name Poseidon here for the simple fact that he's always talked about wanting to live near - even ON - the water.... near an ocean or in a midget submarine (maybe yellow, he's a Beatles fan too!), or a houseboat. The man loves the water. Poseidon was the Greek God of the Sea, and Amphitrite was his wife - so the names are appropriate I think. There's even a painting of a few boats in a port hanging over our bed.... all we're missing is being surrounded or within an hour's drive of a large body of water! Oh, he also has amazing taste and design sense, so he'll be the main decorator around the house with little input from me. That was my idea, he's just that much better at seeing what's not there yet. Clear as mud? Good. :-)
Now the kids.... Mister Twister currently is in 4th grade and likes video games - what young lad doesn't? - and does well enough in school. Miss Hurricane will be entering Kindergarten this fall; she also likes video games, and anything pink or princess-y. You know, a little girl. I tried to stop that, but it just came out of her - she used to be more tomboy-ish like her mother! But hey, they're both great helpers around the house, and I feel that we've gone a great job raising them so far.

About the family in general.... well, we're all fans of UK Men's Basketball! The guys like the Red Sox too, and watch most of the games when we're home. My Poseidon has been a member of Red Sox Nation since before I met him, and now he's got the boy into it. Oh, both kids love Star Wars as well, another influence from their father! You should see the three of them playing Lego Star Wars.... oh, it's a sight. Here's a YouTube video that I love - not mine, but fun to see. My only real influence on the kids has been disciplinary. I've learned a lot about gentle discipline over the last few years, and have found that it works *much* better on these two than anything I'd ever seen or heard from other parents. Still a few problems with the girl child, but she's still young.

Thank you for reading this ramble! It's late and I did my best on it. Namaste.

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