Wednesday, January 16

Menu for two weeks, and a report card

Amazing, I've found time tonight to make another entry! Had to make time a while ago anyway. I went to the grocery store yesterday and got everything I'd need for a couple weeks. Something new we're trying here, is eating as much of everything as we can before we have to go back for more groceries (other than a few trips after work for perishables). I need to get myself healthier and lighter, and I don't want the kids to think we have money growing on a tree somewhere, so I needed to cut us back on take-out and start eating at home every time we're hungry. I'd like to get more money into our "house account" sooner rather than later!
So, after putting everything away, rearranging the pantry and cabinets, and taking inventory of all food in the house - here are the meals I can make without making another shopping trip. I came up with 14 meals! And we'll have some leftovers for lunches and a couple dinners. I'll put links to recipes if I'm able to, some I'd found in recipe books or registration-required websites, and I'll turn on comments for this post in case any of you want a recipe.

Meals for two weeks:
Rosemary Baked Chicken with baked French Fries
Potato Almost-Hamburger-Helper with Bisquick biscuits, canned corn
Hamburger Helper (R) Lasagna with frozen vegetables
Hamburger Helper (R) Cheesy Enchilada - no side dish yet
Mom's Lasagna with Garlic Bread
Spaghetti with Garlic Bread
Yumazuti with Garlic Bread
Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, green beans
Vegetable soup with Carol's Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes (thanks for the recipe, Carol!)
Erin's Irish Potato soup (no side yet, maybe sandwiches?)
Tomato & Basil Pasta with Chicken, Garlic Bread
Homemade Spaghettio's
Sambousik Pies with Red Beans (and rice?)
AK Salmon & Lime Juice with Lemon Potatoes

And not even anything really 'fancy' involved for any of them. A few are time-intensive, but can be premade a little. I won't be spending a ton of time cooking, of that I'm glad! I'll try to post the recipes not linked when I make the meals... some of them I can't find online anymore but I know I have them in my Recipes folder. The kids will eat almost everything listed above, too, and I love that fact!

In other news, Mister Twister's report card came home on Monday. Halfway through the school year already! He seems to be doing better (at this point) this year than (at this point) last year, and we're very proud of him for that! Here's what it looked like:
Math - 84/B
Science - 84/B
Science Lab - 89/B
Reading/Spelling - 86/B
Social Studies - 76/C
Lang. Arts/Writing - 78/C
Art - 90/B
Music - 77/C
Phys. Ed. - 95/A

And we pay him for those A's and B's! I'll figure it up later this week, we still owe him for a few tests too... money seems to be his 'language'! He also earns extra video game time for good work/grades through each week, and only pays us back when he scores a 70 or less. I don't have the 'pay scale' in front of me, but he's only paid us two times since I started this system - I'm okay with keeping it up. He's in school, schoolwork is his job, and he understands it that way. It may have even helped push him a little into focussing better in school and on homework. Science Fair is Friday, and he's been doing well getting it all ready - I'll take pictures and let you know how that turns out this year.

Time to clean up and exercise. I get to watch my nephew S. on Friday, I can't wait to see him and be around a baby again!! Blessings :-)


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