Sunday, October 24

Another Lazy Sunday Update

I meant to get over here and write something a week ago, but my ADD got in the way and I just today remembered, and have my laptop open in front of me. I also changed the actual URL for the blog, which I'll go into below. So here we go with an update!

- Remember how I was sick for a couple weeks? I seemed to get better for almost a week, then whatever it was came back again and knocked me out for *another* week. Ardeo told me to go the doctor, but I never got around to it (notice a pattern?!)... I did, however, get over it and have been fine for almost a week now. Bonus news: I was the only one in the house to get sick AT ALL! The Lysol has been dispensed liberally all over the place and I think we'll all be just fine now.

- Also, remember that I told you about us quitting smoking? Yeah, we're still not smoking! I think my being sick helped me in that I only used the gum for a week or so, got sick and just -quit- because going upstairs for more gum was just.too.much.effort that week. Ardeo is still using the gum - he had to get another box of the 4mg; he discovered that 2mg is still not strong enough for him to use exclusively - and together we've only given in a few times. Fortunately, those times were excellent reminders for us, and now we both agree that we cannot believe we smoked for so many years. It really does taste like an ashtray! (I think I had a hard time accepting that as fact, even though I'd heard it from *so* many people over the last 20 years. But it is so true!!) So here's my honesty: since 9/9/10, a date that's easy to remember!, I have smoked four cigarettes and regretted each one. Three of those happened while I was up visiting Mom over a long school weekend, so I can only tell you about myself there; Ardeo said he bought a pack over that same weekend, but I think it lasted him a week or more. One pack used to only last us one day, so that's still good in its own way.

- While I was sick I managed to get a lot of reading out of the way. I enjoy reading, but over the last 7 years or so I hadn't really given myself the time to read anything that I liked (as opposed to kids' books, you know). I have an iPod Touch that's a couple years old and *loaded* with apps. One I recently found is iBooks; I have at least 25 books on my virtual shelf and have slowly worked my way through about half of them. The most recent one - I read it in its entirety this weekend - is The Book of Adam by Robert M. Hopper. {Click the author's name to purchase a hard copy from Amazon} I only wanted to mention this here to remind myself to write a little more about the books, and iBooks.

- The kids are doing really well in school:
We're waiting for the boy's report card to come home, although I can see his grades online through a site called Infinite Campus. (That's a link to their home page, which is different from where I sign in to view both kids' schedules and grades. Not all districts use this site, to my knowledge.) We know what his report card will say, but I'll still have to sign a hard copy for the school. They just finished up a food drive at his school so I'm expecting the card to come home tomorrow. Since a new quarter began a week ago, his schedule has changed for two classes. He's had to drop Lego Robotics (replaced by Geological Studies), in which he earned a 90/B. He *loved* this class! It's just what it sounds like - they built little robots with legos, then attached little motors to the robots and programmed them to make it through an obstacle course. During open house night, I got to see some pictures from class while we parents wandered the room and listened to the teacher. It looked like fun! It also reminded me of my own Industrial Arts class in 7th grade, which later came in very handy when I went to trade school for HVAC/R.
Anyway, the other schedule change was from Life Skills (i.e. balancing a budget and career options, with a dash of Home Ec) to Art. He earned a 72/D in Life Skills, but it was solely due to missing homework/classwork - some things haven't changed. He loves to draw, and had this Art teacher last year, so I think he's looking forward to having a doodling class for 9 weeks. He should get an A, again, just like last year! At his age, an A is worth $5... if he gets a D, he owes us $2, so he's still getting life skills! :D
I had scheduled a conference with the girl's teacher last Monday, but she was out sick (it's that time of year already!). The teacher sent home the papers we'd have gone over, let me know I could contact her with any questions or concerns, and I could sign and send the packet back in the next day. I've emailed her teacher a few times since the start of the school year, and she is so great and so easy to get/keep in touch with, so this was not a problem at all! As expected, this child is scoring very high on tests taken so far for the year and is breezing through her homework when she has any. (She gets that from her father - I did *not* do so well in any school year! LOL) By the end of second grade, each child in her school has a goal of 50 Accelerated Reader points earned. So far, Miss Hurricane has 20.2 points and averages 97.9% on each quiz she takes (again, that'd be her father's DNA showing); we're only 2 months into the school year, so I think she'll make the goal by Spring Break.

- I mentioned up top about changing the URL for this site. It was a small change I made sometime in the last week, but I don't remember exactly what prompted it. I think I was poking though all the settings looking for something and noticed that I *could* change it. I didn't think about what effect that may have on anything (do I ever look before I leap? Not usually.) but I now see that if you were to type the old URL into your address bar, you're gonna get a blank page that says the site doesn't exist. So, right here is where I'm going to drop all the info so I can still be found! Luckily all my old posts are still linked on the sidebar, and I have them saved on my hard drive, so nothing is/was lost.
The old URL was ->
The new URL is ->
See, it was a minor change, but big enough to have an effect on anyone who might follow us. Most of my followers are related though =) I love you all!

~*** As of January 4, 2011, I have reverted back to the original/old URL. Sometimes I just get that proverbial 'wild hair', so I changed it; I then found out that it was causing some issues for some readers, so I went back. As you'll see, you didn't miss that much! ***~

I think this is long enough for one day. I'm going to post this and get on writing about that book - I loved it - and looking for more by the same author! *adds yet another name to the reading list*
Halloween pics should come within a couple weeks (since you know I'm behind on pictures as well... another story for a different day!).
~Amphitrite + Ardeo

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