Wednesday, October 6

A video, for fun

I'll admit to giggling like a fool when I found this one... in honor of Halloween coming up, and to go along with my picture for the month, I give you a classic song:

♫♪ Giddy-up [a-oom-boppa-oom-boppa-mauw-mauw]
Giddy-up [a-oom-boppa-oom-boppa-mauw-mauw] ♪♫
The Definitive Collection (Oak Ridge Boys)

I think that has to be my absolute favorite part of the song. It also reminds me of my uncle Freddie (Dad's cousin, not Fred/Grandpa's brother) and a barn dance from years and years ago, which brings a smile to my face without fail. I will try to describe my memory:
Great Uncle Jim (Grandpa's brother-in-law) has a big farm - now run by his sons and grandsons - not too far from where I grew up. We would go visit a few times a year, but every Fall they would hold a barn dance which we attended a few times. Just what it sounds like, family and friends came over to dance and play games, mostly in the barn by the house. Their house is a typical white-with-black-shutters and has a porch the length of the front of the house. The barn I remember is right next to the house, rather than another barn across the street (also theirs), which I believe held some of the machinery.
Anyway, one year - which in doing the math makes me think it was probably 1985? (*maybe* 1986? but I think it was before the Challenger tragedy) - Freddie was having an exceptionally great time dancing to every song. I remember it was already dark outside, but Jim & Ell had all the lights on so everyone could see where we were walking. Bro and I were running around with Freddie's three kids, and I'm pretty sure we were playing hide-and-seek or tag with all the cousins in attendance, but I stopped to get a drink or something just inside the barn. I saw Freddie dancing with Aunt Bo (my mom's sister. I need a bar graph to explain.), my mom and dad were dancing together near him, I saw Dave and Becky dancing, and a few other couples (who are now fuzzy in my mind's eye) all enjoying themselves - "Elvira" is the song that was playing, and I watched Freddie take Bo by the hand and give her a ballroom-dance type of yo-yo move... it's hard to describe, but I smiled at the time and it still makes me smile to this day. I remember that moment getting stuck in my head as, "that is the kind of husband I want! ♥♥"

Freddie died about 15 years ago, when he was only 39. He was always having a good time, he really did love deeply and much, and lived many of his days to the fullest. He was so cool! He raised two excellent men and one lovely lady, and now has 5 grandchildren. He is missed and still loved by many, and I'm glad to have that one magnificently clear memory of his smiling, fun-loving face!

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