Monday, November 1

October 2010 photos

Happy November everyone! Hard to believe we only have two months of 2010 left.... but that's why we take pictures, no? To save and savor a few moments in time, which remind us of a memory! Here are some of my favorites from October. . . .

A trip to the pumpkin farm with Dad and two of my nieces, on 10/10/10:
Hurricane, Sunshine, & LuLu
My dad and 3/4 of his granddaughters!
Miss Sunshine & Miss Hurricane
Now in an outhouse!
Oblig scenic family photo!

Next, we hit the apple orchard. My favorite apples grow here, and they're only available this time of year! While we waited I asked the girls to sit in front of one fireplace so I could get this picture:
Strike a pose, girls!

And finally, we come to Halloween. I think I enjoy dressing up as much as Miss Hurricane enjoys it! Mister Twister, in his tweenage-ness, is a little less enchanted with it all. But he still decided that he'd like to dress up one last time (since next year, he'll be "too old" for trick-or-treating):
Lily, Hobo, VamPrincess
I was Lily Munster (but my wig was giving me fits, so I went without it this year), I brought along my little Vampire Princess, and we found this hobo on our way out the door.  LOL  =D
I'm unarmed!!
Red eyes make the costume!
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, as is Christmas! I'll keep taking pictures, and will do my best to keep writing throughout this holiday season.
Also, remember to get out and vote tomorrow - elections all across the nation (and the kids are out of school for it... yessss!)!

Have a great week ~ namaste
Amphitrite + Ardeo

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