Tuesday, October 5

Oopsie - overdue update!

It's not so much an "oopsie" as "too much has happened, so I haven't even thought about writing anything" if I'm being honest here.
What has happened since my last post:
- Sept. 9, we quit smoking. Still we are ex-smokers! Not sure when we can officially call ourselves "non-smokers", so I'm sticking with EX for a while.
- Sept. 19, my paternal grandpa got a helicopter ride to the hospital two blocks from here. I live about halfway between him and his birth city, and he still has family there, so was visiting. He turned 85 a few months ago; he's also had a few bypass surgeries over the last 20 years, but is otherwise as healthy as can be. He was hanging out with his younger brother when he felt funny, and said so. Uncle Fred called his local hospital, who decided that they should send him here (two hours away by car) where the heart center is better equipped. I found out that Grandpa was in town after my parents and Dad's sisters all arrived at the hospital (because I didn't hear my phone ring... ugh). Mom came here and took me to the hospital to see everyone; it was around 10 p.m. on a Sunday night, and Ardeo was here to stay with the kids. I figured I'd be back by midnight anyway! Long story short - Mom slept here in the hide-a-bed, Dad and Uncle Fred stayed at the hospital, and the girls got a room downtown (I don't have enough room here, otherwise the option would have certainly been offered!); it was a bypass thing, he got a new stent, and was good to go home on Tuesday! I believe he is already back on the golf course as well!
- Sept. 22... the first night I felt sick. I'll spare you the details, but I was sick for almost 14 days. I seriously am not sure even *today* that I'm 100% better, but I am definitely able to function normally now. The downside to this is, I think the boy caught it from me, or at least a little of it. House bleaching starts tomorrow!

Yeah, being sick really took it out of me. Ardeo was in charge of everything while I laid on the couch or in bed, all complainy and sleeping most of the time. But I'm glad to be much better now - I even made dinner on my own tonight! (This is not normally cause for celebration, I just haven't been able to do that much work at once since the day I got sick!)
Lately, the most I'd been able to do was think about posting here for you... that was as far as it ever got until tonight. I've spent the last couple days reading other people's blogs (I'll link them in my sidebar soon) and laughing like a loon over some of the stories.
Okay, so I've just been informed that it is movie night, and the kids want to get this ball rolling! They have the rest of the week off (first Fall Break for this district in the 7 years we've attended!) and so are rearranging our 'schedule' regarding movie night and pizza night. Fun times ahead, and I will do what I can to take/post pictures! (Ardeo still has all the good pics on his computer... I'll get to that soon as I can, too. Promise.)

Love to all,
Be well,

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