Saturday, October 10

October, already?!

Hey, one year from today, the date will be 10/10/10! Cool! ADD comes in handy sometimes....
I was reading my only post from April of this year. I've got music on tonight and heard a song that reminded of Timmy. I totally forgot to put a slideshow in that post, so here it is: Timmy pics - and here's a link back to that post: He Was A Friend of Mine. Sometimes I just miss him, but it's easier now than a few months ago.

So, it was August the last time I posted anything... school life kind of got in the way, as happens just about every year around this time. So what's up with us, you wonder? Let's see:
~ Late in August, a cousin I haven't seen in many years welcomed her firstborn to the world! I'll just give you a link to her blog: Stocks Family. Miss Isabella is absolutely adorable!! Of course, I've already added all her information to my genealogy notebook. Big happy congratulations to Jennifer and Byron!! :D
~ August 29 I went to my cousin's house to celebrate his birthday with his family and some friends. The kids were with me of course, which ended up bringing the total kid count that night to something like 12 (there were visiting neighbor children every so often too). We had a good time, it was nice to catch up with people I hadn't seen since April, and all the kids enjoyed staying up late and camping outside. I remember having one gigantic Pina Colada once all the kids were asleep, and then there was talking around the fire out back. It was fun. I wish I'd taken the camera! I got Dave one small gift (right here) and he said he loved it.
~ September was pretty empty... school all but two weekdays - Labor Day, then the 28th the kids were off but teachers had to be at school. We had to get some new clothes for the kids who are slowly but surely outgrowing the clothes they've had since last winter. I did get the winter wardrobes out of the attic, and got everyone's clothing swapped out and got rid of what no longer fits and all. Since we put the boxes back in the attic, I've found a few more pair of shorts that need to be put up there now... that happens every year too!
~ It's October now. Poseidon turned 36 a week ago; we've got field trips at school; fundraisers are coming to a close and new ones are beginning; we're getting ready for Halloween. The kids are off school on the 15th and 16th for their Fall break and the three of us are planning to go to Mom's. We haven't seen her since Dave's birthday, and have only talked to her a few times, so we miss her and Dad!

So now what? Well, coming up we have the first field trip for Miss Hurricane this year. Her class and the other 3 first grade classes are going to an orchard. I volunteered to go along this year (because schedules worked out for the first time, finally!) and will try to get a picture or two. Her school does have a policy about posting pictures of children online, so if I don't forget the camera, all you'll see on here will be her alone unless otherwise noted.
Tuesday I might be at Mister Twister's school, but that meeting hasn't been planned out yet. I'll know on Monday if we even need it. The first quarter is coming to a close and somebody has developed the awful habit of "forgetting" to turn in homework... yeah. He hasn't even been doing the homework, and no amount of taking things or grounding him seems to have any affect whatsoever. It's maddening! I have been in weekly contact with one of his teachers and I'll know more on Monday.
We're already figuring out what costumes everyone is wearing for Halloween. Miss Hurricane wants to be Princess Peach, and I think Mister Twister is going to dress up as either Mario or Luigi. I'm thinking I'm just gonna do the dirty hippie this year. LOL Last year I went out dressed as Lily Munster, but I can't find the shoes I wore then, and no other shoes I have will work with it. I do have my 'Jesus shoes' and some other accessories so I'm taking the easy way this year! Poseidon usually doesn't dress up, if he even goes out with us. In past years he's had to work, this year he'll be home in time to go if he feels up to it. We'll see. I'll get pictures that night too!

November is usually 'boring' too with only Thanksgiving break keeping the kids home. We only have two family birthdays (adults) and one anniversary in November, so I have some cards to browse and maybe an anniversary gift to buy. We will finish up our Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving too since this year will be a light year all around. I'm only sewing gifts for our kids this year since I ran myself out of time to plan for anyone else :(
On the bright side, we are still on track for moving in June!

See you next time,

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