Saturday, October 10

Look what I found!

I need to write another update, I know. But I was looking for an old girl friend today and FINALLY found her!! When I did, though, I remembered something we have in common.

A photo slideshow. I'd forgotten all about this one! I think I made it in 2006 for MySpace (when I had a page there... no longer) and it's just been floating around the internet since then. I did a little editing of names but it's back to something I'm happy to share!

Only 10 pictures, but going back to when Mister Twister was just a toddler and up through Miss Hurricane's 2nd Halloween!

My friend I found? She's the girl in the second picture with me. We worked together in our early 20's (LOL, like I'm so old!). We took a mini-vacation with Poseidon and another friend from work to San Diego in April of 2000. That picture is from inside the Zoo somewhere, and I couldn't tell you what's in my cup... I do believe it contained alcohol though... but I wasn't the driver during the entire trip, so it's okay. :D

I have missed her so much over the last few years! We lost touch when I moved down here; I tried to send Christmas cards to her parent's house but never got any response and thought she probably had moved. I've googled her name I don't even know how many times, too! And today, when I struck gold and knew (by her slideshow) that it was really her, I actually let out a squeal! "OMG I found her! Yay!!" Startled the kids, but they'll be alright. I hope I hear from her sometime (so, girl, if you find this - email me or look on Facebook!!!).

Seeing her totally made my day :D

I'll have an actual update soon, around or shortly after Halloween.

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