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I'm early on an update, for a nice change of pace. The kids and I spent a few days at Mom's house last week, and I have some pictures and video to share with you folks.
First off, the kids were on their Fall Break - just a four day weekend - so Mom came and picked us up on Thursday. We met up with my youngest cousin (a brand-new college student!) to have a late lunch and got to Mom's around 6 that evening. I didn't take the camera in with me so I don't have any pics from lunch with Cousin P Euchre.
Long story behind her nickname, but she's had that nickname since her infancy. That will henceforth be her pseudonym here. :D

Friday we had planned to go to the apple orchard... but we never did get around to anything in reality. I wish we had though, as I found out that they sold out of the very apples I wanted on Saturday morning! :( All I really did Friday was take some pictures of Mom's new gazebo... it just needs some insulation and four walls to be a really nice doghouse! LOL

Here are some pics of the gazebo:

You can click any of those to see a larger version.

I forgot to mention it last time, but I also inherited some old family photos of Dad's family. I want to scan those in this week or next and I'll be posting them on my genealogy forum. I'll slip a few of the (in my opinion) cooler ones here too as soon as I can. For now, I do have a picture of all the pictures before I carefully sliced all the tape holding them together:

<--- Tasty Krispy Apples!
Saturday we got up early enough to start some chili for dinner, and headed out to get apples. As I said, they were out of the Krispys I wanted by the time we got there, but we did get a gallon of cider and some dried soup mixes. Mom said I could have some of her apples that they'd bought earlier in the week. She knows how my kids go through apples!

Dad wasn't able to go to the orchard with us but he did take us out to dinner. He and Mom tried the Fuji Steak House (in Eastgate) a few weeks ago; they know that Miss Hurricane is learning Japanese at school, so thought it would be fun to treat us there too. This place is one of those open hibachi grill joints, where a chef comes out and cooks your meal right in front of you. We'd never experienced this but Dad promised it would be fun. He was right ~

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

That's our boy there who caught a flying piece of broccoli! Out of 7 people at our table, Mister Twister is the only one who caught any broccoli the chef tossed out! Apparently, all the chefs do this to relax the diners or something, but it was so fun to try and to watch others try too.

Since we went out on Saturday, we saved the chili for Sunday lunch. Chili's always better the next day anyway, right? Oh wait. We were going to save the chili for Sunday... sorry Mom, I have to tell on you here. It's too funny.
Saturday evening, on the way back from Fuji, I stopped by Goodwill to try to find new clothes for the fast-growing children here, so we got back to the house around 8:30. Mom changed into her pj's and I called Poseidon to chat. While I was upstairs giving Miss Hurricane a bath, Mom wanted to take the chili to the basement where she has an overflow fridge. I was later told that she dropped the *huge* pot of chili right in front of the fridge, and you know, maybe let a few words fly. LOL

<--- The chili, just hours earlier

Well, Mister Twister happened to hear her from another room, and he looked at Dad with raised eyebrows and big eyes and said "I've never heard Nana talk like that before . . .". Honestly, I snorted upon hearing this story from Dad! It was all fine in the end; the floor down there is concrete and she got it cleaned up, but she did have to start a new pot on Sunday. The chili was good, as hers always has been, so nothing to worry about!

No pics of the chili incident. Sorry. Sunday, Dad (and Angie, a.k.a. BatDog) brought us home by 4:30 and I've been doing laundry ever since. It was a good visit but we won't have a chance to get back up there until the Christmas Break. That does, however, give me some sewing time. :-)

Have a great week ~ another post will appear right after Halloween, as previously promised.

EDIT: I forgot to give you a link to the whole set of pictures... that's what I get for rushing myself! Here they are:
Fall Break 2009
Sorry! ~A

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