Wednesday, May 11

Snail Mail!

Blue's Clues Talking Mailbox Toy
Sing with me!
"Here's the mail - it never fails
It makes me wanna wag my tail
When it comes I wanna wail:

~ SO ~
Today's mail brought another letter from my brother. We've been writing each other, on average, around once every 10 days or so; my last letter to him was at the end of April when I shared my 30 Days list with him. Oh, BTW, he's serving a little time - until January - which is why we're writing, as opposed to calling or Facebooking each other. So, since I've been looking for work (and sewing, and volunteering at the schools, and figuring out what to get Miss Hurricane for her birthday next week) I hadn't written him yet since. I did manage to get my visitor packet filled out, and as his birthday gift next month, I'm going to visit with him for a day (unless I'm working)! This does mean I'll drive 4 hours one-way, but I haven't seen him since right after Christmas anyway so it's worth it.
Back to my original thought and reason for writing here today: he enjoyed reading my list of music and said, "hey, I've got time, I'll do it too and maybe you can post it on your blog for me?" - of course! Why not? This will allow you all to see the similarities and differences between us as far as music goes. I can tell you that 'back in the day', he and I listened to a lot of the same music: heavy metal, or country (quite a spectrum, no?), depending on the week. Since he does have the time, I already have his complete list - and here's how I'm going to do it:
Over the next week, I'll find the videos for each of his choices. If I can't (some I think are obscure), I will look for the lyrics or the band website or something. Once I've compiled his list, I'll throw it all into one big, link-filled post; this will allow me to post once on his FB page, so his friends can see it too. And I can even print the final writing and mail it to him if he wants it! Hey, this is something I can do for him that still connects him to 'the outside'.
He ain't heavy :D

Until next time ~

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