Saturday, January 1

Welcome to 2011!

{I realize that I've been away for a couple months. I'm looking for work, and when not doing that, I'm trying to fit in more sewing-for-profit. I'll do a proper catch-up post soon, but for now this is what I've got.}

So ~ happy new year!! Last night was the first time in my married life that I had my husband with me at the stroke of midnight. In years past, he'd been at work, and/or the kids & I were at Mom's visiting because he had to work around the NYE holiday. It was really nice to have my little family together, with me, as we transitioned to a new year. Also, I finally got to kiss someone at midnight! =D

As I have done many times, I watched the Dick Clark NYRE special on ABC. I made a point to have it on last night so I could see my childhood sweeties perform - NKOTB (and the BackStreet Boys)! I went to see New Kids live back in 1990, and I still have my ticket stub in a scrapbook ~ God bless my awesome dad, who went to the show with his screaming 12yo daughter!  LOL ~ I never was a big fan of BSB, but only because I was a little older when they came into popularity (I think I was 15ish and big into Metallica, et. al., by that time... ). Some of their songs are familiar to me, and they're not bad ~

Ah, but that NKOTB concert night is a memory I have locked in my mind, quite vividly. And Dad is still around, cool as ever, so you know he made it out okay too!  (=   The next time I get to visit Mom's for a few days, I'll get that scrapbook out and take a picture or scan my ticket stub.

And, speaking of pictures, I now have our entire iPhoto library on my laptop (as well as 2 separate backups on other devices!), and will soon have new pictures up here. The kids had their school pics taken just a couple months ago; we also had a new family picture taken, as our last one was almost 5y old! I also have newer pictures of nearly everyone, from Thanksgiving and Christmas 2010.
Everyone is up from naps now - we all stayed up last night, but it's time to get the kids back on their school schedule! - so it's time for me to wrap this up. I have a couple of new sewing projects I want to start (and hopefully finish within two weeks' time) and I need to get started on them.... as well as the usual 'mom' stuff. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da!

Namaste ~ Love and Light and Good Health to you!

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