Friday, August 27


Just a little update today...
August 11, we started a new school year. We have all the kinks worked out of our new morning routines; the kids both go to bed and get up with little problem, neither has missed their morning or afternoon bus, and dinner is always eaten by around 7 (although I'm still shooting for 6 every evening). They have each made 'new' bus friends, and I talk to the other parents every morning too. So far, so good!

Wednesday evening, I needed to turn in a few library books. Well, the car would not start, so that didn't happen. Luckily I was able to renew the books online and avoid overdue fees :) So yesterday, after both kids were off to school, Ardeo and I did a little research to try to diagnose the car problem ourselves hoping it would be an easy fix. We decided that it could be a problem with the fuel pump; the tank is full, yet we couldn't hear the fuel pump doing anything. We walked up to Auto Zone (about 3/4 mile away) to get the manual... Murphy's Law came into play here. They didn't have the manual for *our* model year, but the years *surrounding* it. Came home with a bottle of starter spray stuff (I don't remember, he did all the work) and tried that, which didn't work. Oh well, right? We talked last night about what to do with the car, our options being: ask family who know about cars, ask friends who know about cars, or call a garage and see about having it towed and fixed properly. We are looking at the cheapest option here!! I'm ready to just be done with it, maybe get a new-to-us car (ours is a 1997) and be done with it - or, take the city bus/walk everywhere. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to get a new car, so fixing on the cheap it is... wish us luck!

This morning, I decided to go for a walk in between the kids' buses. That looks funny written out like that - here's how my morning went, and I intend to do this every school morning:
5:40 - I wake up, have my breakfast, make oatmeal for the kids, and enjoy my 30 minutes of news without interruption.
6:20 - wake Miss Hurricane so she can eat and get ready for the bus.
7:05 - her bus leaves. I start walking toward the run-down mall (it's really just a parking lot anymore) to walk around the lot, then back home. [This is .96 mile, according to MapMyRun.]
7:35 - back home before the boy gets up!
7:45 - Mister Twister gets up; he eats, showers if needed, and gets ready.
8:35 - his bus leaves. I walk the other direction and go through the neighbourhood behind us, coming back up a main thoroughfare (with only a bike lane - no sidewalk!) so I can loop back home. [This is 1.8 mile.]
9:15 - I am back home and have almost 2 miles in for the day! Now I can have my second cuppa! :D

Hopefully I sleep well tonight, and maybe I'll take the short walk tomorrow.
Also, I just found what I want for Christmas ~ hey Mom, click that link for 'second cuppa' - I still prefer tea! (Seriously, that's a cute cup, I love it!)

Yummy PG Tips

Have a beautiful, feels-like-autumn weekend!

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