Sunday, August 1

It's World Breastfeeding Week!

Having nursed my own two babies, this is a special subject to me. Breastfeeding is very common - and the standard - around the world; unfortunately, not so much here in the US, where this act should also be the norm in my opinion. Much has been written by many people across the blogosphere, and Dr. Momma seems to have the best list of resources that I've found yet.
If you're researching for any reason, are new parents, or just need more encouragement, check out Dr. Momma's post full of breastfeeding resources:

Peaceful Parenting: Breastfeeding Resources

(I wrote something a few years ago on the subject as well; it was really my first-ever research paper!)

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week: if you happen to notice a momma nursing her young one - don't make a fuss or ogle her (ogling = creepy), but a smile and a thumbs-up is a great compliment, no matter where she may be feeding her child (which is perfectly legal in all states). If it makes you uncomfortable, just look away.

Peace, love, boobs and no spanking* - that's been our parenting philosophy - so far, so good!


* that phrase actually came from a piece of 'hate mail' directed at Dr. Momma. The writer likely has no idea that it's a great idea, and a quite a few have adopted that phrase as a credo!

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