Monday, September 13

September 9, 2010 - I quit.

Maybe it's still a bit early to say so, but today is Day 5 without a cigarette - only using nicotine gum - and I wanted to mark the date here. Who knows, this may even get me to write a little something every day for the next few weeks!

I did try to quit (cold turkey) 3 years ago but that time didn't stick. Here I go again, and it's a little easier this time around.
I started smoking regularly the summer I turned 12. A few months ago, I marked the start of my 33rd year. That's 21 years too many!
Mister Twister was born a few months after I turned 21, so that seems to be a good number right now and will likely help my mind stay focused on quitting. The kids are already proud of us for not having smoked only a few days yet - it's good to have the little reminders from them about breathing better and all that... they are smart kids!

Nicorette Coated Gum 2mg, 100 pieces (Fresh Mint)

It feels a little easier this time, and probably because I've known we were going to quit for a few months now. Ardeo and I wanted to quit smoking before the big move, but in the midst of trying to plan and move that far, we never did "get around to it"; the best we did was found nicotine gum on sale for $10 off early in June. We went from saying 'we ought to quit soon' to 'we really should quit now' to 'well, we're poor and this isn't helping' - so I pulled out the boxes of gum for us. 2mg for me, 4mg for him; on Wednesday, 9/8, we smoked the last of our cigarettes before bed.

Nicorette Coated Gum 4mg, 100 pieces (Fresh Mint)

I've never been the kind who could wake up and *immediately* go out for a smoke. I snore like a man, so I would often wake up with my throat hurting even if I hadn't smoked much the previous day. Thursday morning wasn't bad for me; I think I had Miss Hurricane off to school before I even thought about 'needing' that drug. All day I think I only had 4 or 5 pieces of gum; once it's chewed so many times, it gets very difficult to chew anymore, like any "old gum". There's also the side effect (personally) of heartburn and hiccups. Also, I'm a gum-popper and I can't blow very good bubbles with this stuff!

All righty... today begins Day 5 for us; 4 days was my previous record for not smoking, so I think I'm well on my way. I'll write more tomorrow ~ it's time to get the boy off to school!

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