Friday, January 9

S.M.R.T. I am smrt.

ROFL - how's that for a post title?!
I say it, though, because I've been the one messing around with my computer, and have figured a lot of it out on my own. In the past I've relied on Poseidon for this kind of stuff (and he's good at it) but I wanted to quit bugging him :-) So, I got some pics from the holiday break uploaded, and here are a few favorites:

She did this puzzle by herself, he just wanted to be in the picture and look goofy with her.

They also found some instructions online for making an 8-Bit Lego Mario. I thought they did a great job!

Pre-destruction picture.

The rotten little girl child wanted to write "To: Daddy" on his present. Only she said it's spelled as above. LOL (he loved it)

PawPaw (my FIL) made this awesome rocking horse for our littlest niece. All the kids can individually fit on it, but he engraved her name on the underbelly. He's so awesome with woodworking!

Bro helping his girls with their presents, at Mom's house when we got there (12/28) for the week.

Oh, and this is the best one!

Don't look yet - see, Bro has three daughters. Aged almost 6, just 5, and just 2. The baby is already trying to copy her big sisters and everyone else around her.

She sees them put their socks on without help...

So she thought she'd give it a try too:

The look on her face is classic too. I love this picture!! She was so proud of what she did, you can tell it!

And with that, I have to jump off the computer for today. Just wanted to share some pictures with you all ~ I hope you've enjoyed them! (I do have a ton more but these are just some highlights.) Have a great weekend!


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