Thursday, June 23

Midsummer 2011

Quick post, while I'm thinking of it all:

- Today would have been Timmy's 39th birthday. Miss you and love you lots, Brother Tim!

- I'm working on moving this blog, or taking it offline altogether. Haven't entirely decided yet, but I'll let you know before I do anything drastic. :)

- I'm moving pictures around as well; our Flickr Pro account expired (can't afford it right now), so you will not be able to see many of the pictures we have there until we either upgrade again or get them moved. Again, you'll know when I have it all done, but those pictures associated with some posts here are being moved to a different host!

- We are gearing up to move again. More on that later, but most likely I'll only share on Facebook. Right now, that's going to be the best place to find and keep in touch with me/us. The kids & I are staying with Mom most of next month, so if you know that info you can reach us there. I have much more time and will try to visit with everyone possible!!

Lots of changes here that I haven't yet mentioned* (even on FB). Rest assured we are all doing well, it's just become rather chaotic around here! I don't usually like to be so vague and I will not make a habit of it, but this is all I can/will say for right now. The next couple of weeks will be busy, so I will bring you up to speed after the 4th holiday. Love to you all! Be safe during this upcoming holiday and remember the *true* reason for it!!


*NOT pregnant, as Mom asked. Don't be jumpin' to conclusions, girls!!

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