Wednesday, March 9

Why I've been absent....

The Grim Reaper has infiltrated my circle of beloved people, and apparently just started swinging his stupid scythe around. I'd had a hard time dealing with the passing of my paternal grandfather at the end of January; I started writing up a post about it, but never could quite finish it without crying, which led to me not knowing what I'd written or how to continue writing.

{Here's the link - "The One About Grandpa"}

Then in my circle of friends - one woman lost her brother, and another lost her oldest child. All three happened within about three weeks ~ there's a saying about things coming in threes, so I said, "okay, Grimmy, you're done here. Away with ye!". A week went by, then I heard from Mom that one uncle had been admitted to the hospital. Now, he'd been sick for a long while, so this was not exactly unexpected; unfortunately, today, my uncle lost his battle.

We can never tell our loved ones often enough that we love them.
Even if you think they know it, tell them anyway.
No one gets tired of hearing "I love you".
No one can be *too* loved.

It's a 'sad' song, but it's helped me this last month:
Way Over Yonder ~ Carole King

Hey, Grim? Yeah, I'm done with you. Leave me and mine alone for a while, eh? That'd be super.


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