Friday, May 7

Crime and Punishment - Part Two

So, in Part One of this story I said I'd post his sentences for the new vocabulary words I gave him. Here they are, just as he wrote them:

forgery - "Forgery would be like; putting your name on someone else's document[s], or (like I did) put someone's name on one of your documents."

falsify - "One time I tried to falsify my friends in hide and seek by making noises and throwing rocks to the wrong place."

imitate - "In V the invaders' use masks to mak them look like copies of humans."

fraudulent - "I have been fraudulent to mom and dad for about 8 years. (I never do like it.)"

violate - "I have violated my promise to {redacted by me, if you know him IRL you know what he's talking about here} [too] many times."

criminal - "A criminal is a person who commits a crime that defies a law, or rule and is sentenced to jail."

plagiarism - "by the time you read this I will have plagiarised over half the definitions."

culpable - "friday, dad said that and I quote, 'but you're still culpable'."

misconduct - "I misconduct myself at (the majority of the time) home."

misdemeanor - "LAW & ORDER: misdemeanor = selling drugs. felony = killing of 4 cops."
(He watched this episode (S20E17) with us, which aired the previous evening.)

Mercy, this child seriously needs to work on grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, editing... did I miss anything? There are a few sentences above which either make little sense, or he missed the mark completely. (Homeschooling friends - any free links that could help, email or facebook them my way please? :D Thanks in advance!)
Oh, but he's got the smart aleck part down pat. Did you see those? Oh. My. Gosh.

There is a Part Three to this story. I'm writing it now and will link it in this post once it's ready.


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