Friday, May 7

Crime and Punishment - Part Three

In case you haven't read it yet, here are parts One and Two.

Mister Twister had that S.A.F.E. day last Friday, the 30th; he didn't earn enough points to get out, and so was given another day. Due to state testing, he was to go to S.A.F.E. again on Wednesday (two days ago) - and again, he did not earn his way out. He was close but missed it by 7 points. So, the procedure is to try again the next day. Thursday, May 6th: according to the teacher, the boy did nothing all day other than to say the pledge and listen to morning announcements. 50 points is the goal to get out of this program - Thursday, he only earned 2 points. TWO. All day, for 7 hours, nothing.

Now, any student referred to S.A.F.E. is given a list of work to do from their specific teachers - Mister Twister here had a full packet of work to be done in those 7 hours. 14 hours if you count Wednesday, which is when the work was first given to him! And he didn't do it? The coordinator basically said that he barely tried to do any of it (and he has corroborated this).

And because of this, the boy was suspended from school for one day - today, Friday, May 7th.

Neither his father nor I were ever *suspended* - what the hell did we do wrong?!? Well, a few things we feel we did right are the discipline for this development, and having today at home run on the regular S.A.F.E. schedule. The coordinator sent home with him all the work from Thursday plus her sheet on which the teachers wrote what was to be done. Our day today was quite productive thanks to this, and he still has one more day in S.A.F.E. for the forgery. He knows - as do we - that he can get those 50 points easily and has promised to do so.

His work was not hard:
-Language Arts - vocabulary from The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle; note major plot points throughout the book
-Reading - read up to p.84 in The Dark is Rising (he was on p.90 already)
-Social Studies - test review (they're in the Asia chapter)
-Math - a packet on integers
-Science - (her class had a test review; he was there, so no work from her was sent home)

He started at 8 this morning, just after I had dropped his sister off at school. I gave him the same scheduled breaks he had in S.A.F.E. and we ate lunch together around noon. [start sarcasm] Amazingly, he finished every bit of that work by 3 this afternoon! [/end sarcasm] He now knows that his next S.A.F.E. day will be the last... he can earn the 50 points *and* finish all the work given in 7 hours. Here's to hoping! :-)

On another note, Mother's Day is here and tomorrow I am having Mom and my MIL over for tea with Miss Hurricane and me. There will be at least one picture from this event! Sunday I will spend offline hanging out with my wonderful husband and super kids. Maybe I'll sew a little bit; Miss Hurricane has a blanket in the works and I think she reeeeeeeeeeally wants me to finish it before we move. Crossing my fingers.

Have a great weekend! Do what you can to thank your favorite moms for being wonderful women. :)

~Mama Amphitrite

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