Saturday, March 28

Preparing for Spring Break

It's here! Time for a week off from school, work, and the alarm clock. The kids have already left to go camping out west with Nana and PawPaw, and will be back on Wednesday. Until then, Poseidon and I are trying to decide what *we* are going to do. He took the week off (yay!!) and would like to go camping in the other half of our state. It looks like it will be cold, or at the very least rainy, so I'm hoping that's out. We will have one good day, so we may go out there and hike anyway. There are hotels and inns out there so we could surely find a (warm and dry!) place to stay if we decide to do so. Thursday we'll all be here for a day so everyone can catch up on video gaming, then Friday the kids & I go to Mom's for the rest of the break.
So tonight, I'm finishing laundry and a sewing project since I'm home alone. I have basketball on the TV and keeping one eye on the games... have to root for U of L since my team didn't even make the tournament and even fired their coach yesterday (if you click that link, a video automatically starts. Might want to mute it or something if not interested.). Go Cards :D
I'm also taking an hour out tonight to live by candlelight! I won't miss too much basketball though, so it's okay. Anyway it's called Earth Hour, and I'm getting ready to start. That should be a good time for me to fix the chain in the toilet tank... I hear it running every now and then. Fun stuff right there.
Also, since I'm here alone and just waiting for laundry to finish, I've been trying to 'pretty up' the blog here. I found something awesome in regard to our blog name! I'm going to read about it more later tonight, and make a post with all the links and pictures as soon as I'm satisfied with my findings. It will probably take a bit of explaining, since only some of you know my husband through this blog. I thought it was really cool though, and is just another cosmic reminder to me that all is well and right in my little world. :-)
Time to turn everything off ~ you'll have to come back in a few days to see what I'm talking about! Have a great week :D


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