Saturday, December 13

Browsing through a lunch break...

I eat and read online when I have the house to myself (like today!). I'm wrapping the kids' presents this weekend, listening to music (currently Dashboard Confessional is playing), and eventually will get back the gift sewing. Almost finished with those too!

So while I was having lunch, I saw someone mention this:

It's a great idea - I've been making quite a few gifts for this year, but am always happier buying handmade over store bought whenever possible. You can vote for this as well! Click the above widget, and once you sign up you may vote for it, and many other issues listed. As of this posting, only 220 more votes are needed for the Homemade Toys issue to get into the next round - so send the link on to your friends. And don't be too surprised if any of you get an email from me about this! :-)

That's all the time I have today. Have a great week/end/holiday!

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