Monday, October 13

Politics, Round 3 - Where are you?

I'll start by saying that I found a much better site for candidate comparison. I'm just going to link to it, since they have done more research on each candidate (independents, et al., included) and have better links for everything. Plus trying to do this - something I know next to nothing about - on my own is making my eyes cross and head hurt! LOL
So, to see where each candidate stands on *every* issue, check this out. Make sure you scroll all the way down, there are graphics to make it all easier to take in. Also clicking on the candidate's picture will take you to what that person specifically believes in, what s/he has said, and voted for or against. For those of you against Obama (for whatever reason), I encourage you to check out what he's said, believes, and has voted for and against while in the US Senate.
Another cool thing - there's a quiz you can take to see where you 'match up' compared to all candidates. I'll post my results too, I've known about it for a few years but had forgotten this link. Now if you take that quiz, answer honestly and with your first instinct for best accuracy. There are only around 25 questions, and they're not hard. At first, choose the "2008 Presidential" option and it will compare your answers with each candidate for this election. Of course, if you'd like to see how you compare to any other elected official, there are options for that too. You shouldn't use that as a 'who do I vote for' test per se, but if you're undecided it might help you a bit. At least you'll know who you most agree with, and can then read up on that candidate. I truly hope you do read about all of them, but at the very least, learn more about both major party candidates! Here are their websites again:

John McCain Barack Obama

If you're interested, here are my personal results for that quiz:

Yeah, I'm a dirty Liberal. :D Such is life!

And now, websites for folks you'll likely see on your ticket under "President" November 4:

(Libertarian) Bob Barr

(Independent) Ralph Nader

(Green) Cynthia McKinney

(Constitution) Chuck Baldwin

(Socialist) Brian Moore

There are a few others, but I couldn't find a website with substance for them. On that "On The Issues" sites, you'll find links to everyone, if you scroll down and watch the right-hand side.

This concludes my foray into politics on this family blog! I'm going to keep paying attention - and I hope those you who haven't, will start also. It really is best to know what's going on! We all can see what's happened when we let the government do what they do while patting us plebes on the head saying "no, no, we know what we're doing. don't you worry your pretty little head.".

{Roll your eyes with me, people} Oh please.

So, now for the 'family' part this week: the kids and I are leaving Thursday morning for a weekend at Mom's house. I'm going on Friday to have lunch with Bro's oldest girl at her school! My girl wants to come with me but I'll play that part by ear. Last thing I need is for her to want to stay at her cousin's school for the rest of the day!
I'm also planning to drop in on my friend Jenn :-) I know her birthday was last week, and I picked up a small gift for her a few weeks ago. Now I just need to give it to her! And all the kids will enjoy hanging out a bit again.
I did also find the nightgown I needed (at the Salvation Army store - YEAH!!!) to become Lily Munster on Halloween! All I need are a bat necklace (which she wore in Season 1) or a Gothic-looking necklace (which she wore in the following seasons until cancellation), a long black wig with a white stripe, fake fingernails, and someone to help me with the makeup part. Oh, and for Mom and her Sewing Sisters to help me make this gown not-so-see-through! We also will be figuring out how to make the sleeves in a batwing shape, and attach them.
Since we'll only be there 4 days and 3 nights, that's about all I have time for! But it's plenty. Hopefully, Baby Bro will come up too and visit with us. I might just try to have lunch with him on Thursday when we get there. That's another play-by-ear thing. (I do that a lot!) I hope to be home by sundown on Sunday too.

For my family reading this - we've started a little Christmas shopping for our nieces and nephews, so I'll be sending out the "want" email next week sometime. To make it easier, I'll probably send each of you a separate email to avoid duplicate gifts, but it may just be as simple as gift cards in any amount. Seriously, these kids have so many toys that don't get any playtime, and I'm tired of picking through them for donation every month. Anyway, just watch your inboxes for that email, sometime next week.

Have a great week everyone! I'll check in once again before Election Day :D

~Amphitrite the non-politician-chick

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