Tuesday, May 13

Halfway through May

So it's May 13, and we've already had a full two weeks. Another full two weeks to go! 6 birthdays, one anniversary, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day weekend - which is when my birthday falls. May is the "big month" in our family! Add our state's primary election next Tuesday, and we're driving all over Creation! Luckily we can walk to our polling place - it might be a quarter mile away, but I hope it doesn't rain. Poseidon's best advice for this election - research the candidates, then vote your conscience. Good advice for everyone!
This week I'm finishing a birthday gift for our little girlie - she'll be 5 on Monday! I only have a little left to do. I've had to fib to her, as she's caught me sewing it up - I told her I was practicing that pattern - but luckily she hasn't put two and two together, realizing that it already looks exactly like the character I'd intended! At least I can finish it in peace and keep it hidden until Monday! I'll be sure to post some pictures next week after her birthday.
The kids and I are going to Mom's for Memorial Day weekend/my birthday party. Lots of family will be there! And we've all been told to go ahead and bring a tent and some kindling - that means bonfire!! I wish Poseidon could take time off, but it's a big weekend at his job so that's a no-go this year. He did have the week off last year, and went up with us since it was my 30th. Someone else's turn for the weekend off this year.
Boy only has two weeks of school left - I'll honestly be glad that I won't have to get up at 6 a.m. every weekday for a while! And we can do more biking around town, visit the parks and pools, have longer visits with Mom and my in-laws, go camping.... as much as I love Fall, Summer is a very close second favorite.

Mother's Day was this past weekend, and I've been thinking about what I would do to honor all the other mother figures in my life. I didn't write anything down, I'm just going to pour it out, and I hope you're all able to read it!
Mom, of course - I'm glad that I chose you to be my mama. I wish I'd paid more attention to your job while I was growing up, but you've been patient enough since I got married that you've taught me everything I 'missed' during my younger years. Thank you, and I love you dearly.
To my MIL - man, you really are an awesome lady with a huge heart. You raised such a wonderful man, and I'm glad beyond words to have you both so close to my heart. I love you dearly.
Mamaw - the lady who basically adopted my mom when she was an adult. Oh, where do I begin with you? You've taken care of me as your own granddaughter since I was a wee lass - I know you made a bed in a dresser drawer for me more than once! You let me into your heart and home, never treating me any differently from your biological grandchildren. They've all been more than friends, and I'm grateful that you never put one of us above the others. You made outfits and prom gowns for me when you didn't have to. You've called and sent birthday (and anniversary) cards. You helped me in high school when I was trying to learn Spanish, so we could speak in your native tongue. The list could go on and on! So in short, I love you as much as my other grandparents, and you and Papaw both were easily as special to me. Such love and care from your heart and home, and I am so very glad that you've been in my life since I was a baby. I love you very dearly and will always say YOU are my grandmother!
Aunt Linda - you have done, and still do, a great job in guiding all your nieces and nephews. I take to heart your sage advice on any matter, and you give of yourself to us all. Personally, I wish I'd been able to know you better when I was younger, but we've made up that time in recent years too. You have a great big, giving, caring, loving heart. I love you!
Aunt Teresa - like an older, wiser best friend. During my formative teen years, you taught me to love being able to make things - and then proceeded to teach me how! And when I was preparing to wed, you didn't laugh at or chastise me for choosing a difficult pattern. No, you sat down and surely pulled every bit of patience you had, and held my hand through it. You taught me how to sew, and that is now my favorite hobby. I think of you every time I thread my machine - thank you so much for being a wonderful teacher. You too have given me lots of great advice when asked, and I'm glad to know you truly care and want to help where possible. I love you so much!
And now, to my dearly departed:
Grandma, Dad's mom - another beloved craftster. Another who helped teach me how to make a few things, and offered to hand down your supplies when your time was nearing. My grandmother, who since passing has *still* been able to help me with quilting! I've seen you in a few dreams, and we're always standing side-by-side, with you showing me the best layout for a certain idea. (This is partly the reason I haven't finished the family tree quilt!) You were always a phone call away, always loving, caring, giving. You embody your favorite hymn, "Amazing Grace", and I always think of your vibrant self when I hear it. Sometimes I even think I feel you hugging me when I listen to that hymn. You helped me with breastfeeding, having done so yourself as a mother of 7 - you made it easy for me! You understood what I was going through in 1998, and never looked down on me for it. I miss you more than you know, but I can't wait until the day I see you again. I know you still love and watch over me - all of us - and I take plenty of comfort in that. Thank you for who you were in life, in my life. I love you!
Granny, Poseidon's grandmother - I only knew you for a few years, but I've always heard so many good things about you. The first time I met you, you treated myself and my son - who you didn't even have to know - as if we'd known each other for years! Always a sweet and loving woman who loved God and cared for her family every minute of every day. You still are a great example to look up to. We miss you, and love you, and I am so glad to have known you even for only a little while.

Well now I'm all teary-eyed! The above women have had an impact on my life, and I just wanted to express my gratitude to each one individually, which made for a long post. All you mamas who may be reading this - I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

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