Monday, May 19

A brithday and an election

Today, our baby girl turned 5 big years old! We had a small family party here on Saturday, so she thought she turned 5 on Saturday. Wouldn't even let us wish her a happy birthday today, little stinker! She got all her presents Saturday - some Fisher Price or Little Tikes 'camping' gear (a lantern/bug jar and a telescope), 3 new DS games, and I made her a Princess Peach outfit - well, I made the dress and brooch, but bought the gloves and tiara. She's had the umbrella for a while, but has now renamed it "Perry" - just like in her game, Super Princess Peach. [Watch out, that one takes a few seconds to load.]

Here's our Princess Peach:

She's only taken the dress off long enough for me to wash it *once* (tomato soup accident) since Saturday. LOL.

{For you seamstresses out there, I used McCall's 5494, View A (dress - size 10) and C (peplum at the waist - size 7). I know it's a little big on her now, I just hope it will be long enough in two years' time that she'll still want to and be able to wear it! Anyway, it was easier than it looks! For the brooch, I read these instructions, and kind of 'winged it' without buying more than some yellow make-n-bake clay and flat marbles at Michael's!}

Our little Princess is quite happy with all her birthday gifts. I'm feeling quite nostalgic about the day.... I remember the day she was born as if it were earlier today! Even though she was 2w,3d overdue.... she *still* does everything in her *own* time, thankyouverymuch. But, she's my last baby ever. I have to send her to school in the Fall - I'll need plenty of hand-holding then! I know logically that she's ready for it, it's just me who isn't ready!

Guess I'm gonna have to borrow a niece or nephew REAL soon. That usually knocks out the pining.

Sometimes. :-)

Moving on..... tomorrow is Election Day in my state. I already know who I'm choosing for just about everything - do you (if you're voting tomorrow as well)? Just remember to GO DO IT. Vote. For whoever, so long as you VOTE. I'm thinking I might knock on a few neighbors' doors and see who wants to walk up with me in the morning. 2 birds (exercise and voter turnout) with 1 stone, right? Right.

Although if I hadn't married Poseidon, I'd probably not feel this way at all, and would have continued in my "my vote doesn't matter, why bother?" thinking.

Thank you, darling. I love you!

And to everyone else, have a happy and safe weekend, whatever you do! (I know, it's only Monday - but I won't be back with another post for a couple weeks. There's a "drinking holiday" coming up.) Take the time to hug a veteran or enlisted soldier, and give them thanks. They do need to know that we appreciate them, even if we don't agree entirely. Personally, I also have a favorite Korean War vet to leave flowers for - my Papaw. I <3 him still. :-)

Blessings, and namaste ~

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