Tuesday, April 1

April Fool's Day - no jokes in this post though!

Since I can barely remember what day of the week it is, how am I supposed to remember that it's another "holiday"?? Oh well, have fun whatever you do today! I'm just putting a little update here for everyone.....

It's Spring Break this week! The kids already went camping (over the weekend) with my ILs, and today we're heading up to stay with my parents for the rest of the week. Little Girl says she can't wait to see Abby.... Mom's Yorkie! LOL And as I write this, she tells me she wants to play on Barbie.com .... give me a few minutes, honey! :-) I can let her do that while I pack our bags and get the house ready. Unfortunately, Poseidon couldn't take any time off work this week, so he'll be here alone. I wish I could bring him with us, he loves Abby too! :-)

I posted a new Weight Loss Journal entry over at CafeMom yesterday. I'll be doing some serious walking while we're at Mom's this week! I hope the weather is nice this weekend so my friend and I and all our kids can hang out at a park for a while. I need to try to visit my grandparents too, but I won't work out any kind of 'schedule' until we're unpacked at Mom's. Lots of driving involved to visit everyone I can while we're there for 5 days, but I'll try!

While the kids and I are gone this week, Poseidon will be switching us back to a Mac house. Everything was and is just easier - the thing works without us having to fix something every day. And my iPod becomes plug-n-play again. :-) We made the decision last night, after lots and *lots* of thinking and discussing. I was pulling for the switch the whole time but wanted to leave it more up to him, since he's "the computer guy".... two indecisive people, married for life.... it's fun. LOL I may not have another update here until mid-month because of the switch, but do keep an eye on this. I have a weight loss goal to meet by the 15th, and it has a big reward!

Now for the sad part of this post....
The kids came home early yesterday, they were originally due home this morning. My FIL's father passed away yesterday.
An uncle of mine also passed earlier this week, Sunday I think it was.
I found out last night that a girl who went to school with Bro died about two weeks ago. She was an OH National Guardsmen, and while not overseas, she did pass as a result of her job.
Those families need to be lifted in prayer, if you do and will.

I hope you all have a great week :-)

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