Wednesday, April 9

...aaaaaaannd we're back!

The kids and I got home Sunday evening. The time flew by while we were visiting, and I didn't even get a chance to call - let alone visit - my friends up there :-(
I felt like I was a day behind the whole visit too, I have to ask the boy which day we did what. Glad he remembers!
We did have a nice visit though - got to see my nieces for a whole day, went out shopping with Mom for a full day, one day at a restaurant we ran into a cousin on Dad's side - and he told me he's done the family tree to waaaaaaaaaay back! I had to give him my address, phone number, and email - I've been stuck on our tree for a while, and have been working with it for over 10 years now! Anyway, we sat and talked to him for an hour or so. That was the day that Dad took the kids to a park (after we ate) while Mom and I went to the mall. I got my sunglasses fixed though - for free!! My girl stepped on them last summer and bent the left arm. I'd always been afraid of breaking it if I bent it back, but the lady at LensCrafters did it with ease. And now I'm not squinting while I drive :D
I took a bunch of pictures while we were there. Also while we were there, Poseidon was here and he switched us back from Windows to Mac - and I am *SO* happy with that! I'll be tooling with my iPod later today! But that also means that I can't dump the camera yet, so once we do - I know I have a ton of promised pictures to share, and then some from Spring Break - I will get them up here.
For any of you keeping track, I'll be posting another WLJ next week. I've too much cleaning and putting away and catching up to do this week, I'm lucky to be posting this today! I wanted to on Monday but just got around to it today. I have no idea how much I may have gained or lost at Mom's - she feeds us well :-)

I hope to be back with another post in about two weeks. Poseidon has to work a lot these next weeks, covering for some vacations. Should be able to figure out the photo-dumping thing and if I do, I'll send family readers an email to let you know I've updated it. Friends will know via my CafeMom page.

Jenn, I'm sorry I didn't call or drop by - I wanted to every day and just never found the time or was too far away with Mom. We'll be up again in June, after school's out, and I think next time we'll stay longer than a week so I *can* visit everyone. I hope I can bring Poseidon too!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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