Monday, March 3

Spring is around the corner!!!

Okay folks, I have a plan for this month! My friend Jenn had the idea to get the Spring cleaning done early this year (here's a link for ya) and today was Day One! We actually even had a very *nice* day for Spring cleaning - the sun is shining, so I have the blinds open; the wind is blowing, so I have laundry out on the clothesline; and I got a good start on cleaning this kitchen this morning. I mean way back in the depths that I don't often visit - I found a bag of unopened flour that expired 2 years ago (eek!) in The Cabinets That Never Get Opened (can't reach the stupid things)!! Said cabinets are now completely empty. While I'd love to have the extra storage that hides there, not being able to use it properly makes no sense whatsoever - so empty they shall remain. They are clean though, thanks to the height and good will of my sweet Poseidon, bless him.
Oh, and you know what? On the 21st we will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary! It's *only* been 6 years? I still feel like a newlywed! Anyway, watch for the story of how we met and came to be married, sometime between today and the 20th! I love remembering every day with him, but especially the 'early days'. I'm a sentimental sucker, what can I say :-)
Back to today now... we've been outside to play for a bit before the rain comes, and I'm just getting around to my computer time. Over the last week I finally made those pj pants for Miss Hurricane - who has now decided that she "can't wear them without a Hello Kitty shirt to match it, Mom! " LOL That is apparently next on my sewing to-do list! But first, this weekend I get to make a new shirt for me, and I want to plan for a dress too. I'm making a Mother's Day gift each for Mom, MIL, and one SIL (so far) and will be starting them in early April - only need a day each. I believe my machine is due for a cleaning though... either that or I need to mess with the settings again. I'll figure it out - it does work and makes things look good, I just know they can be better, and that's what I want from it!
In other good news, I'm still losing weight! You can read the update here. I try to update there every Monday, but skipped today as I forgot to weigh myself yet :-) Check tomorrow at the earliest. My pants are definitely needing belts now, and I've already taken in the elastic (by at least an inch each) on every skirt I own! I can't wait until the day I can chop up my current 'big' jeans and dispose of them in The Box of Denim That Will One Day Become A Blanket. I have two pair that are still just a smidge snug, and I intend to wear them comfortably before I put up all the winter clothes. Anyway, it's going pretty well, if slow - but we all know about the tortoise and the hare, and we all know I like reptiles and amphibians better anyway :-)
Here's my list for the month for cleaning (minus weekends, for sewing and other fun stuff). I'll have it all done before Mister Twister's Spring Break, and we can relax during that week!
Mar 3-7 ~ Kitchen week! By Friday it will be clean from top to bottom, inside and out!
Mar 10-14 ~ I'm cleaning The Big Room (living/dining is one room here), again from top to bottom, including the blinds and curtains!
Mar 17-21 ~ Our bedroom.... closets, my sewing area, deciding what goes to Goodwill, blinds, windows - all of it, top to bottom.
Mar 24-28 ~ Oh boy. The kids' room and bathroom. Toys.... oh I'll need a big donation box for that! And then the bathroom needs some touch-up painting and such too.
If you want to follow along, go back to that CafeMom link above and clean with us! I'm updating there daily with specifics. and I get to play with my friends that way too!! :-)

Blessings, and namaste.

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